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The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

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The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

Keeping the home clean is a hectic task. And it seems even more hectic when you don’t know the basic rules of cleaning. Talk about house cleaning tips for a better home any day!

The first rule says every space in your home cannot be cleaned in the same way.

Let’s make it simpler for you to understand. The kitchen and bathroom are two widely different spaces and therefore demand different cleaning methods.

After going through a wide range of house cleaning practices executed by the various house cleaning services nj, this article was written to summarize the all-time 5 best cleaning tips for a better home.

The below-mentioned house cleaning tips are divided on the basis of different rooms in your home:

The 5 Best House-Cleaning Tips

Tips To Clean Your Kitchen

The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

Keep a microfiber cloth handy and treat the spills immediately. Otherwise, it will harden and hence more difficult to clean later.

Baking soda is no less than a blessing if you want to keep a check on the grease building in your kitchen. Sprinkle baking soda on a cloth and wipe the areas with grease build.

After a few minutes, wipe the area using a clean and damp cloth to remove the residue.


Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

Cleaning your bathroom on a daily basis makes them less frequent and deep cleanings easier. Simple but consistent cleaning habits in the bathroom can save you from tackling a larger mess later on.

Paying attention to the smaller and often-forgotten areas in your bathroom is an easy way to keep it spotless. Some commonly forgotten areas are toothbrush holder and the faucet aerators.

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Tips To Clean Your Living Room

The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

House cleaning services nj suggest moving the furniture when you are dusting or vacuuming. The hard-to-reach areas and the textiles are more likely to collect dust all year.


Tips To Clean Your Bedroom

The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

Washing your sheets and pillow covers weekly is the best way to keep the germs and allergens away. Consider washing the pillows at least twice a year.

Develop a habit of making your bed as soon as you get up. It will hardly take 10 minutes of your day but make the cleaning process ingrained in your daily routine.

Tips To Be Implemented Everywhere

Always use a microfiber cloth to clean. It is a better choice for general cleaning and stain removal.

Also, it can eliminate 99% of the bacteria with only water.

Don’t procrastinate. If you keep procrastinating the smaller tasks, you will have to deal with a larger and messier task later.

Cleaning becomes easier when you are using the right tools and products. Make sure you change the attachments of the vacuum cleaner once you are vacuuming something other than the carpets and rugs.


In case of hard surface cleaning, house cleaning services nj recommends using microfiber cloth and mops instead of sponges. Sponges aren’t sanitary and store bacteria.

The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

Divide the cleaning tasks among the family members. Taking everything on yourself isn’t a good idea. So, it is better to let everyone contribute to the cleaning process. Assign the easier tasks to children while the adults can pull off the large deep house cleaning tasks.

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The All-Time 5 Best House Cleaning Tips For A Better Home

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Well, how do you clean your house to make it comfortable enough for all of you? And which of these house cleaning tips are you using or willing to adopt?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below…



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  1. Rhonda Albom says

    My daughter is living your procrastinating rule above. She has been cleaning her room for days. An adult, she is responsible for it. For me, these are great tips, especially the baking soda one. I have one daughter with Coeliac disease, so we have to be so careful. Anything to make cleanup easier is a blessing.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It’s nice that she’s super cleaning her room to make it cosy enough for her. Indeed, if we have to live comfortably, we can’t ignore the role of cleaning the easy way!

  2. Jen says

    Awesome tips. I love the baking soda being used in cleaning and it works especially the kitchen part. It’s also true when cleaning to use a micro fiber cloth.

  3. kumamonjeng says

    I love how you also included tips to clean the bedroom too. Cleaning is such a big chore but when you know the tips, it can be easy.

  4. Emily Fata says

    Finding the right products to help keep your home clean is so important! Removing the added stress of a messy house onto your everyday is such a downer.

  5. Kuntala Banerjee says

    Good article. In fact it is very essential to keep our houses clean from both health and aesthetic purposes. I use micro fiber mops and clothes to clean

  6. Michael says

    Its hard not to procrastinate thinking that it will be dirty again after a few minutes lol But yeah, couldn’t agree more. You character will reflect with those.

  7. Kiwi says

    Really great cleaning tips. I am going to try the baking soda tip more often in my home!

  8. twinspirational says

    I love cleaning with baking soda, it works so great with the kitchen area. I super love this hack.. ❤️

  9. Bindu Thomas says

    Thanks for the tip on baking soda. Should keep that handy. Its great to get kids to help, but who will bell the cat!lol

  10. TeamRyCe Road3ps says

    this article is very informative. for sure I’ll get to use your tips in our cluttered home, but sometimes you really can’t help it especially if you have growing kids.

  11. Eileen M Loya says

    I have microfiber cleaning cloths shaped like a glove so I can just slip it on one hand and clean! I put one in each of the boys’ rooms too. I also use baking soda for cleaning. I’d rather use that than those harmful cleaning solutions.

  12. Subhashish Roy says

    I myself am a cleanliness freak and love to keep our home in perfect shape all the time. Love your tips and will use them.

  13. Ana says

    These are some handy tips when it comes to cleaning home! I try to clean all the areas in my home during the weekend.

  14. Gena says

    I’ve been traveling for 3 weeks, and now my house needs major cleaning! So glad I read your helpful tips before diving into it tomorrow!

  15. BushraZ Blogs says

    I’ve heard about using baking soda a lot of time but never used it…but I’m definitely going to use it now… thanks for sharing the article…😇

  16. Geraline Batarra says

    These tips are awesome..! I agree, the lesser the stuff, the lesser we need to clean..

  17. Alessia Marciano says

    Clean my home it is not my favorite task i have to say. But i love your tips and maybe it will be easier yo keep it clean. Thank you for sharing this post! 🙂

  18. pooja Malkani says

    These are great tips! I have always trusted baking sods when it comes to cleaning. I have a slight OCD issue so I am always on toes and you would see me cleaning my house

  19. Laura Dove says

    Great tips! I really struggle to keep our house clean and tidy with six of us, it’s never ending! I will definitely take these on board!

  20. Amanda Croaff says

    Your home is gorgeous! A clean home is a happy home. Cleaning is something that really calms my anxiety and I always feel my best when I know my home is tidy. Thank you for sharing!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re welcome Amanda; wow…it’s nice that cleaning is therapeutic for you. I don’t quite enjoy it but since I have to do it, I’m always using these simple hacks on my minimalist home.

  21. Clyde Sebastian says

    This is a nice home décor and lots of beautiful design that I can do in our home.

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