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6 Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

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Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

Getting married is one of the biggest steps forward in a girl’s life. A bachelorette party is not “one last opportunity for adventure” as new life with love of her life is the adventure of a lifetime. Bachelorette party is all about friends being together having a great time, celebrating their friendship.

Here are some ideas on how to make unforgettable memories for all the girls, especially for the bride-to-be.

1. A spa day

Bachelorette Party- a spa day

A day in the spa centre can be a dream come true for all the girls. The future bride is under a lot of stress before her big day, so why not provide a stress-free day in luxurious surroundings of a wellness centre?

Relaxing massage, nourishing body treatment, face treatments with refreshing minerals all that by the hands of professionals that will make you feel like in heaven. Few drinks by the swimming pool and fancy dinner at the end of the day will make bride-to-be feel like a true princess in the company of her dear friends and cousins.

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2. A day in a limousine

Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

Why not rent a limo and start feeling like movie stars?

You can pick up all the friends together in a stretch limo and supply it with Champaign. Take the party to trilling shopping in various boutiques and enjoy a glass of bubbly after every boutique you visit. Round the day with girl’s night out in a well-known club with great music, cocktails and a lot of dancing. That sounds like a memorable day in every girl’s book.

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3. A dress up party

Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

Why not organize a dress up party at home?

Everyone will have a great time and all the fun in the world. Make buffet with finger food and selection of wine and other drinks and give future bride space to act her favorite fantasy or just play silly.

You can make everything even more memorable with GIF booth for hire and make unforgettable reminiscences of a great time everyone had together. Who wouldn’t want to remember a bunch of dear friends laughing, smiling and being happy?

4. A countryside weekend

Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

A weekend away from everyday fuss and stress can prove to be just what bride-to-be needs. Hire a countryside house and spend relaxed weekend connecting with nature. You can organize some board games and all can enjoy some long forgotten fun they all had playing board games in the past.

Throw a barbecue dinner and spend a relaxed evening just talking and remembering events and adventures from joint past. Getting away from everyday life will give you the chance to renew dear memories and make some new ones.

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5. A karaoke night out

Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

This can bring a lot of laughter and high spirits for everyone. You can organize karaoke with future bride’s favorite songs. What can be more overpowering and emotionally satisfying for bride-to-be than her best friends singing her favorite songs with her?

Round karaoke up with cocktails and you will have a memorable party that will make everyone happy, especially the star of the party, a happy bride-to-be.

6. Outdoor fun

Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride To Be Will Love

Why not take bachelorette party outdoors?

There is a great variety of activities you can choose from. Whether it is a day spent on the boat or paragliding, cycling or hiking, a day spent on the beach or in the woods, it will be fun. Ask bride-to-be what is her favorite outdoor activity and start from there.

You can organize a picnic lunch and then finish your day with dinner in some local restaurant where you can spend the evening talking about the adventurous day you all spent together.

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Bachelorette Party Ideas The Bride-To-Be Will Love

Bachelorette party doesn’t have to include strippers, loads of alcohol and Las Vegas. It should be a memorable occasion that is all about the future bride and her fun and pleasure with her best friends. Use your imagination and brideโ€™s wishes. That should be more than enough for stuff that memories are made from.

Have fun!

Jasmine Anderson!


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Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and an incurable daydreamer. She loves makeup, lavender lemonade and her two cats.



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  1. Those were some awesome ideas for a Bachelorette weekend. I was fortunate enough to have a hotel themed party and it was amazing. We also did ziplining and partying in Charlotte NC. I’ll have to keep these in mind for my future married friends

  2. These are really fun bachelorette party ideas! I never tried a countryside weekend but it sounds interesting! I would suggest to my friend!

  3. I love these ideas! I actually “awwww”-ed out loud when I read the dress up party one, as (in my personal opinion) girls don’t get nearly enough opportunities in life to dress up. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll definitely keep these in mind if any of my friends tie the knot.

  4. Great idea!!!! My favorite actually is a countryside weekend! The perfect opportunity to have a short trip with beloved friends, to relax and have fun! I love this idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. These are the some amazing ideas to make unforgettable memories for all. Whether its karaoke night or a spa day.. I love each and every idea. Thanks for sharing

  6. A spa day would definitely be my kind of bachelorette party!! Having my girl friends with me and just enjoying the night, relaxing and taking a break, and pampering our nails. That’s definitely my kind of night with my girls!

  7. Not a lot of people know but it is actually quite stressful to plan a bachelorette party. Knowing the bride-to-be will ultimately be the guide, but, these are great ideas that can be foundations of a great party!

  8. A spa day would be amazing! Especially because planning a wedding is so stressful, the bride and bridesmaids need some time to unwind.

  9. Spa day or weekend trip for bachelorette party is my choice! I’m not into traditional bachelorette of partying and barhopping (those ways will hurt the bride and your girls’ skin and complexion!).
    Better stay relaxed and fabulous!

  10. All of these ideas sound lovely but I’m partial to a spa day any time! There is just something relaxing and peaceful about spending the day at a day spa. Burke Williams is my “go to” place.

  11. Those are great ideas! As much as I love being outdoors, I will prefer a spa day with friends few days before the wedding. It’s better to be more relaxed instead of being wasted haha!

  12. These are wonderful ideas! I’d love a karaoke night if I will have a bachelorette party in the future.

  13. Those are fantastic ideas! I think also that, they not need to be limited to Bachelorette parties! We girls don’t need a reason to party! One of my friends did a stretch limo for her 30th. We went down to DC for a night out on the town and clubbing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas! I kind of like dressing up at home with finger food the best!

  14. These are great ideas for a bachelorette party. My brother in law is getting married at the end of December. I will see if his fiance needs some bachelorette party ideas and share this with her. My favorite on here is the spa day one. It sounds so relaxing to enjoy a spa day with the people who will be standing up with you on your wedding day.

  15. A countryside weekend sounds so fun and relaxing. Although, riding around in a limo seems pretty posh, too. Great ideas!

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