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A Retreat At Paradise Lost

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The beauty of Paradise Lost!

The long awaited day had finally come when we’d explore a ‘Paradise Lost’ in the middle of a coffee farm! We assembled at Nairobi Railways Club that is just as beautiful!

The Nairobi Railways ClubThe Nairobi Railways Club

Anyway, all things went on well until we were actually at the road down to Paradise Lost in Kiambu. We were quite a number, 14 of us so we used cab transport to the place.


The entrance at Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a hidden destination at the heart of Kiambu hence the term ‘Paradise Lost’.

It is a large park land that sits on a 54-acre piece of land, 8 kilometres from Nairobi, Kenya off Kiambu Road.

TO GET TO PARADISE LOST, board a vehicle that goes to Kiambu at Odeon stage, Nairobi. Off Kiambu road, a murram road dissecting a coffee farm will lead you to the place, 2 kilometres from the Kiambu Road. Or simply, you can ride an Uber or Taxify cab to the place.

Paradise is an all-round destination for all your family fun days, birthday and other party moments, solo moments and also pilgrim moments. Hence, it is very friendly to all your leisure needs.


Arrival at Paradise Lost

We arrived in style at the place at around 11.00 am and clearly, there were roadside boards to show you the direction to Paradise Lost. The gem is hidden as coffee bushes guide your entrance to the place and there are noticeably large trees around the place. It’s also clear to see such a huge free ground for all your team building activities at the place.

I couldn’t miss a snapshot of the very beautiful entrance made in such a nice traditional way with makuti. I just loved it!


As you enter the Paradise Lost vicinity, you are required to pay 400 shillings as the entry fee. Very affordable rate thus one of the best and cheapest places to visit when you are around Nairobi!

You can always come in walking, by car or with any other means of transport you used when getting to the place since there is a huge ground that will cater for all your parking needs. Good enough, parking is free at Paradise Lost! Wo-hoo!


Yearning to visit a place marked by nature in such a special way? Then at Paradise Lost, you’ll love it! Right from the parking ground, it’s easy to spot stop-overs with a shade where you can sit at and have fun! As well, you can always explore the place by following the roads that lead down to the lake, waterfalls or to the cave.

Exploring Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is loved for its great sceneries. Right from the MauMau stone age caves which were used by the men who fought hard for the independence of Kenya; such a scenery to behold!

Again, there are cascading waterfalls that are just as pretty as I love them.  If I had the whole day alone, I’d spend it all at these waterfalls. The waterfalls lead to a huge lake where you can have fun boat riding or even fishing! Oh my! If only I had carried harpoons!

Generally, the whole landscape is hilly overseeing the lake hence a very spectacular view. And when it’s so green , you’ll love how beautiful nature can look like! How amazing!


Wo-hoo! Everyone loves a retreat that is full of activities, right?

Well, at Paradise Lost, you can have fun engaging in these activities:

1. Boat riding and fishing

Want to have guided boat tours around the large dam at Paradise Lost? Then it is very possible at a rate of 200 shillings. You’ll have fun going on a boat ride and experiencing the beautiful nature along the river.

The trail is very intriguing for nature lovers since you get to explore the beauty of the trees and the panoramic view of the whole place right from the water point.

Good enough, you’ll also get to appreciate the beautiful waterfall right at the entrance of the place! Paradise indeed!

One can also engage in fishing at Paradise Lost which id free of charge but you have to remember to bring along your own fishing equipment.

A retreat at Paradise Lost

2. Exploring the caves and waterfalls

Exploring the Paradise Lost waterfalls

The most popular attraction at Paradise Lost has to be the labyrinth of caves carved from the rocks by the waters of River Gichi. Imagine this, beautiful caves running behind a waterfall, doesn’t that just sound beautiful?! Just remember to bring along a flashlight.

The caves are estimated to be around 2.5 million years and again, Obsidian rock artifacts from the late Stone Age were found here! How historical!

As well, the caves bear such an important history to the Kenyan people since the Mau Mau freedom fighters who fought for our independence used to hide in the caves from the colonialists.

3. Bird watching and nature trails

Paradise Lost offers unique natural trails that offer unique bird sighting experiences with an impressive record of up to 60 different types of birds! How I wish we reached there early enough so that I’d see much more rare birds.

4. Camel and horse rides

If you love horseback riding or riding a camel, then you’ll enjoy the activity at the place for just 100 shillings each. But I wish I did! Perhaps next time I’ll go on a horseback!

5. Children’s activities and team building activities.

Paradise Lost is a child-friendly destination since you’ll easily spot trampolines and bouncing castles for kids to play at. Take your kids there for a jump at 200 shillings and let them have fun for the whole day.

As well, the huge playground offers a point for all your team building and gaming activities.

So there is no point of getting bored when at Paradise Lost since with all these great activities, you can always make memories at the place. Just bring along enough money; 1000 shillings will be fine for you to enjoy all these great activities.

Camping is also allowed at the place at a rate of 1000 shillings per person for one night where you are provided with a tent, mattress, blanket, bonfire and security but you have to bring along your bed sheets and personal effects.


Unfortunately, there are no food outlets at the place so you are also allowed to bring in your own food, snacks or drinks to the place at your own pleasure if you won’t appreciate cooking food at the place.

Exploring Paradise Lost; a retreat at Paradise Lost

But good enough, if you would prefer to cook, you are also allowed to cook at the place! Now this is the best part since we did just that! As a family, we all prepared our favorite Kenyan cuisine which is ‘Pilau’, a Kenyan coastal dish. We had brought our own kitchen items and ingredients so it was so great seeing everyone have a hand in the preparation and cooking! How awesome! You can’t wait to see the recipe of the ‘pilau’ we prepared in the next post!

Beef pilau served with kachumbari

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Eating out at our retreat at Paradise Lost

If you won’t bring your cooking gas or ‘jiko’, you can choose to hire cooking grill at 400 shillings to prepare your meat.

Anyway, water is provided at the place that is safe for drinking and can also be used in cooking. We used the water for cooking since we had bought our own bottle of water from Nairobi. How prepared we were!

We had our team building exercises including ball games and memory games while dancing was also part of it. Everyone had to coin a move so you can imagine how creative we had to be. But overall, it was so fun. After the fun, we sat down to have a meal together as a family. It was awesome and you can’t wait to look at the recipe of the ‘pilau’ we made! Stay tuned!

Exploring Paradise Lost; a retreat at Paradise LostExploring Paradise Lost; a retreat at Paradise LostExploring Paradise Lost; a retreat at Paradise LostExploring Paradise Lost; a retreat at Paradise Lost

Call it the beautiful oasis in the middle of a coffee farm!

Call it the home of the 2.5 million years old caves!

Call it Paradise Lost!

Well, have you been to Paradise Lost? Or do you plan on getting there soon?

Please share your thoughts with me below…



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  1. What a neat place. It is nice to have a retreat like this where you can get away, relax, and take in the beauty of nature. We love to visit waterfalls, and this would be a great place to check out.

  2. This looks like a really nice place to visit 🙂 I especially love the look of the waterfall, I find them so relaxing to watch. I’m glad to see you had a nice time :3

  3. Actually, tbh when I read the topic (before reading the post) I thought you would be talking about John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost but it turned out to be an actual place. Whoa, this place really exists… And in fact, it looks beautiful. Love I hereafter have one request please post more detailed pictures of this place. It is lovely…

    • Oh yeah! It’s an actual place Moni. I wish I had more time to take more pictures..too bad we had so much fun I almost forgot about it. But I’m glad I had this samples.
      But if I get there next time, I’ll be sure to.

  4. I am impressed with the activities that we can do in Paradise Lost. And that cave and waterfalls is so beautiful!

  5. This looks dream place for me. Places which surrounds with Nature is my kinda place and I never missed any trip. Looks like you had a great time you enjoyed each and every moment of your trip. Amazing experience you had. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Paradise Lost looks like a great place to retreat. All of the activities the site has to offer look like so much fun.

  7. This looks like the perfect family getaway for a weekend or even longer! I would love to try the boating and fishing, and explore the trails. Its great that they have activities available for all ages.

  8. I didn’t quite understand the ministry thing. But as a wife of a geologist I would have loved to visit those caves!

    • Basically, church commissioning Akamatra. And we had the retreat together as a church so it was super fun! And yeah, you’d certainly love to see those caves! They’re just so intriguing!

  9. Oh wow Paradise lost looks like a fantastic place to hang with family and friends. I just love the abundant picnic tables in the lot so people can sit and eat while looking at nature.

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