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9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

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At times, you get to wonder how people manage to look too gorgeous in high-end fashion all year round, right? They look too polished! Too rich! Too sleek! And too gorgeous! That makes you to even save up with the aim of banking too much for that high-end haul, right? Well, looking expensive in whatever pieces you wear doesn’t have to drain your wallet lovelies. Even on a limited budget , you can get to look as expensive.

Anyway, ride along to learn of 9 ways that will ensure you are looking expensive without draining the bank!

1. Invest in quality fabrics

9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

Whenever you consider going shopping for outfits; be it online,on physical stores or thrifting, try as much as possible to avoid flimsy and poor fabrics. Think of cotton, velvet, linen,faux and silk which are loved for their rich legacy.

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For example: when picking out chiffon, get quality chiffon which is usually soft unlike fake chiffon which is rough and tough. When it comes to denim, embrace quality denim fabrics too. There is no doubt that quality fabrics can rock your outfit leaving you feeling and looking expensive.

9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

2. Keep your wardrobe neutral

This might sound too unfair for whimsical fashionistas like me, but yes, too much color makes a closet look cheap. I don’t say you go and burn the colors you have, just inject more pastel shades and neutrals to your closet. Neutral shades are a perfect addition to anyone’s closet and will leave you looking stunning.

9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

Wondering where to start? Get more whites , blush pink, beige, grey and black. We especially know how all-black can look very luxurious,right?

Still doubting the look, have a look at Macy Stucke. She loves neutral shades and now that she gets the perfect photographs, you’ll see her looking too polished. I think I’ll learn to embrace more neutrals since such colors make a look more sleek that too much brights and bolds.

3. Avoid too much patterns and prints.

Well, I have a thing for patterns and prints but wait…trying to switch up with more plain outfits would not be so bad after all. Yes patterns can be that quizzical effect to any look thus attracting more attention but plain outfits always work best.

9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

For an instant sophisticated and expensive look, go for plain outfits; or even monochromatic pairs since as much as they speak of professionalism, such is also authoritative. So yes, try to get more plain outfits an you’ll look expensive no doubt!

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4. Invest in a few polished accessories.

Instead of having a whole bag of low-end stuff; more of which you’ll even forget about, why not save up and get a few perfect pieces? Talk about perfect accessories and you’ll be right! All the way from bags, to sunglasses, to watches, to jewelry, to shoes.  Now that accessories are every girl’s best friend, why not invest in quality ones that will not only serve you for years to come, but will also add an expensive touch to your whole look.

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9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

Shoes can make or break your outfit, no matter how good you are dressed. Instead of buying millions of very cheap shoes that will wear out in two months, just buy a perfect shoe, from a perfect brand and you can be sure of their durability, if not their expensive look. I mean, don’t they say that with the right shoe anyone can trample the world?

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9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

I’m certain you’ve seen a lady donning just one statement neck piece for her thrifted little black dress on a date that totally vibes up the look leaving her significant other in appreciation. And about jewelry, learn to favor the minimal jewelry look. Always take the ‘less-is-more’ approach when donning jewelry. I mean, only wear will not overwhelm your look to ensure you get that modern, sophisticated and balanced finish.

5. Don’t be afraid of going for tailored pieces.

As much as a tailored piece will lend you a classy look, it also gives you such massive confidence that will leave you garnering attention as you go. Tailored pieces go all the way from get a fabric tailored to your desired design to trimming clothes that do not fit you properly. With the right and trusted tailor, you can get the best fit and design that will leave people appreciating your look.

9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

You’ve seen Ankara collections, right? They are too sleek especially when tailored to your desired fit. And again, the suits. Many opt for tailoring their suits that buying ready-made suits and yes, I also find that to be the best alternative.

6. Invest in designer dupes.

Want to enjoy a perfect trend? Maybe join the Gucci belt bandwagon? Or the Puma sneakers? Or even the Zara metallic skirt? Why not get a dupe if you don’t want to drain your bank account? We all know that getting these original items could leave some of our wallets drained but now that they can easily be found in online stores as well as thrift stores, just shop for them right and get to enjoy people’s respect in the name of donning such brands!

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9 Ways To Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

7. Invest in your outerwear

how to looking expensive

Nothing makes a statement like the perfect outerwear; from trench coats, to biker jackets, to blazers, to sweaters and jumpers, to cape coats…well, name them!

Suppose you were invited to a business dinner date where the ‘whos-are-who’ in the society would be present and yes, you would have to present a speech. What would you wear in case you don’t love suits?

Lemme give you a style tip…embrace that perfect long coat. Cape coats and trench coats are a big bang in the fashion world right now and having them would be the best decision you can ever make.  So just by layering a sleek black long coat over a thrifted bodycon dress and finishing off with perfect accessories and makeup, you’ll be perfect for that business dinner date. You see? You don’t have to shop for the whole look in a high-end boutique in the city lol!

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how to looking expensive

8. Learn to wear neutral makeup

Now that makeup is part of the modern’s woman way of life, no woman will leave her house with a plain face in most instances, right?

So you’re wondering how to look expensive, just embrace a healthy lifestyle that will ensure your face and skin looks so healthy and silky. Once you’ve achieved this, learn to do neutral makeup, or rather, the no-make-up makeup look! Ditch the bold and too much colored makeup looks while embracing the laid-back makeup look.  Those glossy lip balms, smoky eyes, well-done eyebrows…all look perfect when neutral.

Anyway, if you want to go bold, have some neutral touch to your makeup.

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9. Perfectly take care of your outfits

Good looks start with good clothes; clothes that are in perfect condition. If your cloth requires ironing, iron them well. If they need hanging, hang them right. And if they have some washing requirements, follow them to the latter to ensure they always remain in the best condition ever and last longer.

Well lovelies, with those 9 tips you can look expensive without spending a fortune!

So how do you ensure you look polished and expensive in any look you wear? Please let me know in the comment section below…



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  1. I absolutely love the way you have put these outfits together. Sometimes we need a little help and some tips to look like we are dressed well in a budget. You do it so well!

    • Aaw Vicky; I’m so glad that these tips come in handy. For sure, it’s always advisable to stay within budgets especially when trying to look best. Hugs!

  2. I love all of these tips. I definitely stick to blacks and neutrals. I love your suggestion on shoes and jewelry. I never go cheap on either one of those. I love shopping at thrift stores we have several high-end ones near me and I can always find quality pieces on a budget. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

    • That’s good for you Brandy; well, I’m trying to incorporate more neutrals too. I’m so glad you can relate since quality shoes and accessories are just the way to go! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Cool tips! Neutral shades and dark ones are most favorable for me. Having the opportunity for trench coats on spring and autumn are perfect!

  4. I go for designer stuff and all in black but these points are really helpful and great. I need to redo my wardrobe i guess

  5. Neutrals and basic are great ideas! I would totally add investing in a good designer bag (neutral for sure) and good watch. if chosen right it doesn’t go out of style and looks perfect always

  6. I love these looks! I totally agree with the tips and try to shop this ways. I only have a hard time with wearing neutrals because I love red and leopard print so much!

  7. These are great tips! I wrote a similar post for a fashion blog once and I remember how much it resonated with the readers the monochrome option. It seems to scream money doesn’t it?

  8. A great list and great ideas in general. I have to particularly agree with going monochrome and making sure the accessories are the best you can get.

  9. This was a really interesting post. I definitely gained a few new tricks to stick to. I like the idea of blacks and neutrals.

    • Hi Iya; thanks for the love girl. Anyway, I made them from Polyvore until SSense bought them so unfortunately, no links for shopping can be displayed. 😢😢

  10. I would definitely wear each of the looks that you displayed. All seem to be classically elegant for women.

  11. Thank you very much for such useful information! I feel that I shall be benefitted and my friends will be benefitted!

  12. So many beautiful pieces and insights were shared in this post. That red coat is perfection. I am going to look at my closet and jewelry armoire with a very critical eye in a bit. Thank you!

  13. Your tips are absolutely on point! I always found wearing a simple look more sophisticated. Sometimes less is really more 🙂

  14. I looooove this! I am so into fashion but hate having to spend so much to look well-polished but these are really great tips. Thank you!

  15. Oh I love these outfits! I agree with investing in quality fabrics and keep accessories to a minimum . I am inspired to change my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

    • Aaw Tina, thank you. I really loved creating sets on Polyvore when it was here. And I’m glad I could use my sets now to show that looking fly doesn’t have to cost a lot. Hugs!

  16. These clothes and jewels look sleek. Have to share this with my girlfriend right away.Thanks.

  17. I love the outfits in this post, especially the second one you posted! These are such helpful tips that you posted I will absolutely be following them!

  18. I don’t think you need to embrace the idea of spending much to look good. These are amazing tips and hacks. If the price is fair and the quality is good, feel free of getting it.

  19. My daughter is really into fashion. And she especially likes doing a lot on a budget. I will have to show her this post. I am sure she will understand all the great information.

  20. Awesome post Dalene! I love it. I love those fashion outfits in your photos. Im trying to collect quality but not expensive clothes for my daughter. I need to start too for myself. I grew up like just wear t shirt and pants. Thanks for sharing your talent in fashion!

  21. This is such a great post . who doesn’t want to save few bucks? Thanks alot for sharing

  22. Incredible tips! You are such a genius, I always feel like I learn so more about fashion because you provide an in depth look to style. My way to look expensive is minimal styling, statement piece such as a high-end handbag, name brand belt, or name brand tee, or good quality shades. I believe investing in one expensive item and making it your statement piece will kinda give your look the expensive boost. Thanks for sharing this Dalene <3

    Natonya |

  23. Ooh you have given me so much inspiration for outfits that I would like to add into my wardrobe, especially the pink pencil skirt look. And I do agree that fabrics like velvet really do help elevate a look and make it look more expensive too!

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