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8 Blogger Outreach Challenges + How To Solve Them

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Challenges Of Working With Bloggers And Influencers+ How To Solve Them

Blogger and influencer outreach campaigns have become such a necessity these days and honestly, it is not always a smooth ride since the process can be full of challenges.

As a blogger and marketer, I’ve had to do blogger and influencer outreaches; from a blogger’s point of view and a marketer’s point of view too.

Hence, I can certainly point out some of the challenges I’ve experienced from working with fellow bloggers, influencers and brands too.

So let’s start from the basics:

Bloggers and influencers are all online personalities who establish trust and build a voice around their brands which ultimately, enables them to influence the purchasing decisions of their audience.

I mean, wouldn’t you just buy a toner because your favorite beauty bloggers praised it?

In this age, online marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to build an audience. We have seen brands that need exposure running to bloggers and influencers to market their product.

As well, it is common to realize that as a blogger, establishing good relationships with fellow bloggers and brands is so key- they can share paid opportunities with you, expose you to their audience and you can even run giveaways together. How vital, right?

Essentially, any great brand, blogger or influencer out there understands the importance of outreach campaigns. Including me!

Just recently, I launched a style and skincare series that featured over 20 bloggers and influencers who vividly shared more on personal style and also, skincare tips.

The posts were so great but trust me; as the coordinator of the campaign, I faced some background challenges before the posts actually went live.

And I believe that these challenges actually affect brands that are reaching out to bloggers as well as bloggers reaching out to other bloggers and brands for collaborations.

Read the Collaborative Posts Here:

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Style Talk: How to build and Cultivate a Gent’s Wardrobe

Beauty Talk: 10 Skincare Tips for a Great Skin

So this post dives deeper into those common challenges, from a brand’s and blogger’s point of view:


Challenges Of Working With Bloggers And Influencers+ How To Solve Them

1. Unwelcoming outreach contacts

First impressions matter!

One immediate turnoff when a blogger or brand has a look at that email or message you sent is how the email is laid out.

Talk about misspelling the name, having pronunciation mistakes, sending a pitch in a different language or even having a block of information or just a line of ‘hi’.

Honestly, if you got such an email it would almost scare the lights out of you and even make you suspicious about the person on the other side. This is if it won’t hit the spam folder ASAP!

As a blogger:

Carefully draft you email and revise it before you publish it. This way, you’ll remove all grammatical errors ensuring your email is so professional.

As well, be specific and direct to the point because honestly, PRs receive a lot of emails and your bulk won’t be appreciated.

As a brand:

Pitch to the blogger or influencer only if your product or service is relevant to their niche/audience.

As well, as you pitch to a blogger of influencer, don’t use a tone that implies you’re doing the blogger or influencer a favor but make it sound like a mutual agreement.

2. Desperate contacts

This has to be the killer!

Honestly, I’ve seen newbie brands and bloggers who are struggling to get their brand established almost certainly sound desperate as they reach out or as they accept proposals.

And this is such a huge turnoff to both parties.

As a blogger:

First, concentrate on building an engaging audience before deciding to pitch to a brand. Afterwards, understand your worth making sure you realize the value you’ll be giving to that brand or fellow blogger. That way, you can even quote your worth as you require payment.

Most importantly, reach out to brands of sizing that’s relatable to you. I mean, if you’re a newbie, it’ll be easier to lands collaborations with new brands and as you grow, you can pitch to larger brands and bloggers.

Additionally, it is not likable when you have to exaggerate pay rates when clearly, none of your work can match up to that just because you had that bloggers make a lot of money.

Suppose a brand reached out with an affiliate review offer. Clearly, you would be excited as a newbie but you must ask yourself if you can really get as many clicks through to benefit from the offer.

In case your audience is small, you may request an upfront payment instead of an affiliate review. In that way, both of you will see the value for the partnership.

Challenges Of Working With Bloggers And Influencers+ How To Solve Them

As a brand:

If you understand that your service relates to the blogger or influencer, always provide much information about your brand upfront and be specific with your pitch.

As well, remember to offer a mutually beneficial relationship like adequate compensation which shows you value their time and content they will put out for you.

Remember, they are making a living out of their blogs or social accounts and if you don’t appeal to their liking, they won’t be ready to collaborate!

3. Unauthentic pitches

Would you want to receive a pitch that sounds like a survey form? I wouldn’t!

I mean, in case you are reaching out to bloggers and brands with a pitch that doesn’t sound authentic, you’re ruining your chances of landing that collaboration.

As a blogger or brand:

Reach out with a personalized pitch that shows you actually spent time looking around their blog or social channels. Thereby, it becomes easy for you to reach out with a satisfactory pitch.

Challenges Of Working With Bloggers And Influencers+ How To Solve Them

4.  Lack of, or inadequate contact solutions

One reason why you are not getting any reach-outs is that you have no contact form on your site. Or if you have one, you have not integrated it with your email.

Apart from that is that bloggers and influencers don’t take time to read their emails or reply to messages. If you are such a person, you’re killing your professionalism.

As a blogger or brand:

Create a contact form on your site right away and integrate it with your email. Here’s a guide on how to create a beautiful contact form with WP Forms.

Also, create a habit of reading your emails and DMs. I understand that you might be getting a lot of spam contacts but please, sieve through them and reply to the emails that make sense to you as soon as possible.

And if this is a problem because of too many emails, then get a domain-specific email that will be solely for collaboration contacts.

Apart from having a contact page, you can also reach out to brands or influencers through their Facebook pages or Instagram feed requesting for their emails for more information.

5. ‘Too-busy-for-you’ mentality

This is such a problem when working with bloggers and influencers and perfectly portrays a lack of professionalism.

I mean, how can you accept a collaboration offer and still lag behind without letting your partner know about it?

As a blogger or brand:

Create a schedule, calendar or a planner which shows you what needs to be done, and when it should be done.

Also, if you can’t work with the brand or blogger right away, please let them know so that they won’t bank on you or even give you more time to deliver.

You can always let them know about your tight schedule or even budget and sometimes, they can chip in where possible.

It’s also good when you can always follow up with the other party in order to remind them.

Challenges Of Working With Bloggers And Influencers+ How To Solve Them

6. Too skeptical!

Have you ever pitched to a brand or blogger and they first thing they said was that, “sorry we can’t bring you aboard because unfortunately, we don’t know about you or your work?”

Please don’t desire to receive such an email! I have!

During that style series, a blogger told me that and unfortunately, I drew from that a lesson. Sometimes, it’s not because they actually don’t know about you, but it’s because they can’t relate to you or your work.

And in some cases, they don’t know the extent of their niche.

As a blogger:

Make sure you get your media kit ready so that even as you pitch to other bloggers and brands, your media kit can speak for you.

Get Your Media Kit On Creative Market>>

Media Kit Template 1

This Media Kit is editable in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. It includes who you are, what you do, who you’ve done it for, what they say and how much it costs (a list of service, your rates, and prices)

Welcome  Kit Template 2

This Auburn Welcome Kit is editable in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign; the templates present an Intro of you, a service guide, a proposal, an invoice, and your contract.

Pitch Kit Template 3

This Lottie Pitch Pack includes everything you pitch a client from start to end. It’s beautiful and looks as good on screen as it does print.

It covers everything from the introduction (covering letter, resume, service list, and portfolio), to pitching (briefing, proposals, and estimates), to design (mood and design sheets) and finally through to billing (invoice).

It is editable both on Adobe Photoshop and Indesign.

Proposal Pitch Template 4

These Adobe Indesign templates include an introduction (covering letter and resume), to pitching (briefing, proposals, and quotation/estimates), to design (mood and concept design sheets) and finally through to billing (invoice).

Canva Media Kit Template 5

This is a 15-page template that helps to share your services, rates in style as you pitch to brands.

As a brand:

Make sure you give as much information about your brand in the pitch including links to your site and social sites and also, previous collaborations you’ve done with other bloggers and influencers.

8 Blogger Outreach Challenges + How To Solve Them

7. Dishonest Reviews!

Honestly is always the best policy but unfortunately, this concept is being corrupted in this online space.

I hate it when an Instagram influencer will praise this lipstick just because it was from a big brand or for the pay but when you buy it, it’s actually the opposite!

Or when a brand features a renown influencer just to gain traction instead of featuring that small blogger who used their product and her audience loved it! So gross!

As a blogger:

Let honesty be your policy. Your audience will relate better with you if they understand your honesty.

Beforehand, properly state in your contract form that you only give honest reviews and won’t be obligated to share a positive review.

As well, if a product you reviewed didn’t work for you, email the brand and politely explain that to them because a great PR team will respect your honesty. I know that brands wouldn’t appreciate negative reviews about their product and they’ll understand.

As well, you can share both the pros and cons for the product.

8 Blogger Outreach Challenges + How To Solve Them

As a brand:

It is important to recognize the efforts made by those who love your products because of little gestures matter.

If a blogger or influencer took a great shot of your product and shared it, be kind enough to compliment them, if you can. You can like that, repost it or even feature it.

As well, be open to accepting open reviews from bloggers and influencers.


Above all, the biggest challenge that is killing and diminishing our value as online personalities is the fact that we don’t know what we are doing!

This issue mostly affects bloggers than brands because most brands will do their research before pitching to a blogger.

People will determine your worth beforehand by the value you put out there when it comes to the content you share. Do you just write shitty blog posts that have no value, or YouTube videos that make no sense!

Unfortunately, you just be killing your work.

As a blogger:

8 Blogger Outreach Challenges + How To Solve Them

Be informed of what goes on in your niche.

If you are a fashion blogger, know more about the fashion arena including trends, how to style pieces, fashion photography and more.

If you are a travel blogger, understand more about places to visit, booking hotels, visa and passport issues or even booking fights. Also, understand basic issues like maintaining a blog in your niche and the money-making opportunities in your niche.

It’s unfortunate when a brand or blogger approaches you and you have no clue about what that means. Please just learn and gain as much knowledge to prove knowledgeable.

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8 Blogger Outreach Challenges + How To Solve Them


As a blogger, you have to keep your mind refreshed with content every single time, as much as actually practicing what you’ve been learning will guarantee success or your blog.

That means that authority sites in your niche should in your list of the best blogging tools and resources.

Here are some of those authority sites you can always refer to:

a. Neil Patel Blog and YouTube channel

Search engine optimization is really important if you want to nail it as a blogger.

So learn from the king of SEO himself- hitting 3,000,000+ monthly page views a month- largely from Google.

Neil Patel gives step-by-step guides that are so thorough and if you just work on them, you’ll really see the difference.

b. Income School YouTube channel

Another amazing team of SEO gurus who are so fun to listen to.

If you are a beginner at SEO, please make Income school your go-to study source because they break down SEO the easy way, giving real-time proofs and steps you can follow. Advanced SEO students will also appreciate this.

What I love most about them is that they can teach you to nail Google search even as a new blogger.

It’s amazing to see how young sites that have followed their steps hit over 50,000+ page views a month from Google within a short span of time like 6 months.

c. Jeff Bullas

If you wanna learn about SEO and social media performance, branding,, entrepreneurship and more about dominating the Internet, then make this blog your daily read.

With tons of detailed content and ebooks, you’d literally become a guru if you implement his tactics. Follow them on Twitter.

d. The Socialms Blog

This internet marketing blog is a great resource for bloggers who want to understand the secrets to success on the Internet- from actionable steps to detailed instructions, you easily understand social media and how to run a successful blog. Follow them on Twitter too.

You May Also Like: 10 Steps To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog

e. Business of Fashion

Are you a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast? Then this has to be your essential daily resource that gives you an analytical and opinionated point of view on the fashion business, as well as the beauty industry.

BoF has grown to be an authority site in the fashion and beauty space so if you want to get real-time information on the industry, you know where to get that information.

f. Fashionista

Here is another great resource for fashion creative and entrepreneurs. Fashionista is one of the most trusted influential voices in the fashion industry hence a trusted source of fashion news, criticism and career advice.

g. Vogue

This trusted site gives you all the latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews and lifestyle tips from the masters themselves.

They also have an amazing YouTube channel that keeps you informed on the same.

h. Elle

Elle is a worldwide lifestyle source that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle also has a décor blog- Elle Décor that shares home décor inspiration and interior design ideas.


This is a trend forecasting and analytical source for all fashion creatives around the world.

The site talks about all the trends happening in the fashion scene- combined with high-end technology and human ingenuity,

WGSN helps fashion-related businesses to stay productive. If you want to tap into the future, then make WGSN your go-to site.

j. Houzz

Whether you are building or remodeling your house, Houzz is the new way to design your home.

Houzz has you covered in regards to décor inspiration giving you actionable design tips, a platform to find home professionals near you and even a shop for all your home décor needs.

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Well, have you experienced any of the challenges above in your outreach campaigns? Please let us know in the comments below…



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  1. Cristina Petrini says

    Apparently there is something for all tastes from side to side. Blogger / Influencers and Brands. However I think it is still a world to be defined …

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      There is something for all! That’s true; but we must just learn to be as professional as possible is we have to be taken seriously, right?

  2. Nish says

    I am a blogger and I really suck at pitching. Thanks for giving such useful tips and pointers. One of the biggest areas I get stuck at is pricing 🙁

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      That’s true Nish; pricing your work can be so tricky: I always get a rough estimate from as much bloggers in my niche then determine if I can provide as much value.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Elayna says

    This is so incredibly useful and I’ll definitely be referring to this list in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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    Influencers (some, not all) are being called out for their real status. Not sure what passes for an influencer these days but you are dead on with this post.

  5. What Corinne Did says

    Working on both sides of influencer marketing, i can relate to this post! Being a blogger i know what they don’t want to receive from brands, so i can adjust my outreach better!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I’m glad to hear that Corinne. It’s wise when you can adjust your perspective when it comes to doing outreaches to see what’s best.

  6. Amber Myers says

    Yes, I love this. When I send emails out, I always sound professional. Sometimes I get emails that are not. Or they just say Dear BLOGGER, not personalized at all. And then they usually want me to work for free. Nope!

  7. Sarah Bailey says

    These are some great tips for bloggers and brands. I think we all have to go through changes and adaptions when it comes with how we work with influencers.

  8. Kemi says

    Definitely great tips to read and follow! I agree on the typos and lack of structure for bloggers and brands. It can be off-putting. It’s just a matter of learning from mistakes and bettering our next round of pitches and collaborations.

  9. Terri says

    This is all such great advice for a new blogger like myself! It is a whole new world to have to learn about!

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    Very informative post and definitely helpful for bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. LiveLoveAndAdventure says

    Thanks for these helpful hints. It’s always a good reminder, especially about taking the time to spell things correctly and write a clear message. People should not take every opportunity to promote products but to make sure it’s something that ties into the integrity of their blog.

  12. Shubh says

    Yes, one needs to consider all these helpful tips. We cannot act unprofessional and we need to have the knowledge of how to make the deals.

  13. Hannah Marie says

    I think a lot of people can relate to this post. In every industry there will always be ups and downs. I find this post absolutely helpful.

  14. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

    These are some great tips and I am glad that you are addressing bloggers, influencers and brands. I must say that I have received a few of those emails that were less than personal and my simple answer was, “no thanks”.

  15. Helen Neale says

    Such a great and very informative post. This can be a useful guide especially for those wanted to start blogging.

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    I suppose such campaigns are so vital for bloggers. It helps to create a strong sense of community. Loved your Bible points on it and totally agree with those, especially the honest reviews!

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    Wonderful post! I can totally relate to these challenges and I truly appreciate your tips. Thank you for sharing.

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    Outreach is where all of you hard work really starts to pay off. It also helps us to identify valuable insights about our blog.

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    So much to learn from this post, I always believe that before you start thinking of monetizing your blog, build audience and have a reliable traffic flow, with this well established brands will come looking for you!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You can say that again John! It’s so unfortunate when I see newbies running around for collabs when they haven’t even figured out what blogging is. I think we must just appreciate the process and build ourselves up,right?

  20. Nerdy Millennial says

    Dishonest reviews are the worst! I have done reviews for companies for many years now and I have always warned them that my review would be honest. If I find a huge flaw with a product I will tell my readers.

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