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7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

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7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Should you stay in hotels while vacationing? Absolutely yes!

If you take a look at the best places to visit, you will realize that hotels actually make amazing travel destinations.

Take an example of the fabulous Manta Beach Resort in Zanzibar that overlooks the clear waters of Pemba channel!  What about the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel in Nairobi that has this grand entrance and enchanting interiors? Or the Hilton hotel, the home of great cuisines! Honestly, hotels offer the most precious, unique and innovative scenes for anyone to explore.

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Not convinced if you should stay in hotels while travelling? Here are 7 reasons why you should consider staying in hotels!

1. Hotels Offer Great Accommodation

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Hotels will offer you the best value for your money because they have everything you will need for a pleasant stay during your vacation.

Talk about artistically carved villas, great architectural ideas transferred into beautiful interiors, gorgeous king-sized beds with fluffy and thick beddings, super-clean bathrooms where you can have that aromatic bubble bath and take selfies; and even ambient lighting!

Since hotels are actually there to take care of you, 24 hours a day, the accommodation is usually worth remembering!

In essence, a hotel room is usually made very accommodating to ensure your stay is as terrific! So if you want to experience the luxury, keep on visiting hotels!

2. Hotels Offer A Lot of Wining and Dining Options 

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Want to eat like a king? Then consider visiting hotels!

Want to enjoy a full course meal that will leave you so happy?

Or do you want to taste new types of foods?

Then make hotels your go-tos!

Actually, some of us just want to eat EVERYTHING! While some of us want to eat sushi that we have lived all our lives just hearing about! In hotels, everything is perfectly prepared, fine, tasty and nicely laid out.

You are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to meal time. Such a good life!

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3. It is easy to book a hotel

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Most hotels have an online website where you can book for reservations no matter the location you are in around the world. So instead of getting in touch with a travel agency to book your reservation, you can do that yourself directly.

In this way, you will also avoid extra costs.

4. Hotels offer safety especially if you’re new to a place

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Where are the solo travellers at?

One thing I learnt from solo travelers is that you should just ask anyone for direction because the can mislead you.

Instead, you can decide to stay at a nearby hotel where you will be provided with proper direction. And if you are lucky and the hotel has tour guides, then they will show you around the place, especially if you are new at the place.

5. Hotels Offer Spectacular Views.

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Think of a wonderful terrace that offers the view of the Indian Ocean at a beach resort in Diani and call it perfection!

I mean, who never appreciates how the surroundings in hotels are made so calm, airy and beautiful? Imagine feeling that cool sea breeze while sipping a nice cocktail drink or basking in the sun watching the waves splash the rocks! And again, the beautiful fountains that welcome you to hotels!

Oh my! I won’t get tired of visiting hotels at all!

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6. You Have Access To A Lot of Socializing Opportunities

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

In hotels, people are usually so relaxed, cheerful and happy. Some listening to the soothing music while sipping a cold cocktail drink in that laid-back atmosphere whereas others enjoying their cool parties here.

Sometimes, meetings take place in conference halls. So if you need to socialize and meet new and great people, then consider that staycation at a hotel.

7. Access To A Lot of Self Care Activities 

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Now who wants to have a relaxing massage? Or a pleasant spa experience in a sauna? Just think of relaxing in an outdoor Jacuzzi while having a view of the city, swimming in clear waters and practicing yoga in an aromatic yoga class!

Hotels definitely have so much to offer! Hotels will offer you the best of life within just one compound! We love this, right?

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Clearly, hotels make such great travel destinations and we should consider stays in hotels while vacationing. To make the most of any hotel visit you do, keep up with these tips:

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Stay In Hotels

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

1. Learn to book hotels in advance.

Depending on where and when your staycation will be, always book early so that you can get your reservation in time.

During booking, remember to book for hotels during off peak seasons because that way, you will get cheaper reservations.

Go for discounts too and loyalty programs just in case these are offered by the hotels you’d want to visit since it can help you save a lot.

2. Bring along a worthy carriage.

If I were to stay at a hotel for a week, I would need a packing list to avoid bringing along my whole wardrobe. Well, if you have to stay beautiful at a hotel, you’ll need to bring along worthy clothing and products for the vacation, without over-packing or under-packing.

I always stay clear of carrying multiple bags but just bring along a suitcase and a sling bag. That way, I won’t have to worry about forgotten luggage too.

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3. Stay on property or close by!

For the best experiences while visiting a hotel, stay on property and explore all that is offered by the hotel. Go the gym, swimming or for a massage. Ride horse-back riding or boat racing.

As well, if you can’t stay on property, you can just stay close by and explore the vicinity. Visit the nearby markets and buy some souvenirs.

Never wander so far away if you are in a new place unless you have a trusted guide because you wouldn’t want to get lost.

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

4. Pass through the security easily.

You have to be prepared with the right cards, pass keys and documents to ease your way through the hotel. You wouldn’t want to have trust issues with the security because that can jeopardize your stay at a hotel.

5. Make a plan and prioritize activities

Hotels can have so much to offer. This means that unless you have so much time, you might end up never undertaking some activities in the hotel.

Hence, you should make a plan of all that you’d want to do at the hotel, allocate time for the activity and explore them in priority.

6. Be early for meals.

Unless you want to remain hungry for the rest of your time at a hotel, you should be on time for meals.

Know when and where you are going to eat and be on time in order to have as much time left to explore the hotel. I love eating around people so I won’t be late for meals. However, you can always order room meal service too.

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

7. Bring along a camera.

You don’t need to have a DSLR since the camera on your phone can still take great pictures.

Don’t fail to snap those cute outdoor pictures and grab a video of the ocean waves, a video of you swimming or having a massage…who wouldn’t want to have such a collection?

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8. Buy your souvenirs in time.

Yes, who never wants some Maasai shukas when in Kenya? Or some beautiful shells when in a beach hotel? Well, I always make an effort of getting souvenirs because they can be such good reminders of the place.

So always make sure to allocate time to visit local markets or explore souvenir shops just to buy your collections as early as possible…unless you don’t need some!

9. Get some new recipes to try out!

When at Jukwaa Lounge, my souvenir was a recipe from the super chef on how to make caramelized bone chicken. Super yummy! I hope to share this soon with you.

Anyway, whenever you have time, you can request for a recipe from a chef or any of the waiters who can give it to you in case this will be available for you. Foodies like me would want to prepare the yummy hotel dishes back home. Wouldn’t you?

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10. Maintain the ethics of the hotel

To have the best stay at any hotel, you must adhere to their ethics. Don’t bring in drugs, take wine and brews at the bar, don’t take away property from the hotel and much more.

I’ve been to Safari Park Hotel and they don’t allow you to take pictures of the place unless you have an authorized pass. This means that in case you would want to take some nice shots and require that pass, then you must get it!

Just be disciplined enough to respect the hotel’s rules because after all, they are doing their best to make your stay the best!

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Talk about pleasant terraces with beautiful views, delicious buffets where you can fill your palate, calming interior atmosphere, skillful hands of the masseurs, breathtaking views outdoors, happy people enjoying life and great hospitality; and talk about the beauty of hotels!

Hence, hotels still remain to the best travel destinations.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotels When Vacationing + How To Make The Most Of Every Stay

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the tips on how to maximize your time while visiting hotels. Do you already follow any these? What about your favorite hotel experience?

Please share with us your experience below…



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  1. 1stepfurther says

    I prefer hotel for a short period stays for the exact reasons that you’ve (excellently) written above. I think they are much more reliable than other type of accommodations, although yes they’re also more costly, but the reliability is worth the price especially if the place is new to us..

  2. Cristina Petrini says

    Personally for all my life I have always lived my holidays taking as a reference the hotels, but I discovered (by chance) that they are not for me. I prefer houses.

  3. Patricia-Ann Que says

    I support this 100%! first I work in the hotel industry and so are many many people! it is a big part of economic gain especially to those country relying on tourism! and second it is more reputable and easier!

  4. Chelle Dizon says

    Yes I do agree with these list of reason why it’s convenient to stay in a hotel on your vacation. Just make sure to search and look for feedback about that hotel first before booking it.

  5. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

    You are right that staying in a hotel does provide many advantages. Another one of those advantages is the free shuttle bus to and from the airport. Also, the knowledge you can glean from the people at the concierge desk can be priceless.

  6. Kitty says

    Hotels are always the best part in the vacation… Especially if it has all the facilities when you are with your family it’s just perfect 👍🏼

  7. Candace says

    Such wonderful advice, Dalene! I feel like hotels really are an important part of the vacation experience. After a busy day of exploration and fun, I want to come back to a room where I feel safe and secure. Have to make sure I get a good nights sleep before the next day of activities!

  8. Nish says

    A great hotel makes a travel experience so much better. I don’t always get the best options for my budget though.

  9. Carla Necole says

    The safety issue is why I usually choose hotels when I’m travelling. I do a lot of research regarding cleanliness too. So if a hotel is clean, spacious and in a location I’m all in!

  10. Tasheeni says

    Honestly, I prefer hotel for a short period stays for the exact reasons that you’ve stated above. Besides, staying at hotels can be relaxing.

  11. Latte Lindsay says

    As a child, my dad made us all go camping and I hated it! I will only stay in hotels now, I love having a hot shower, comfy bed and good food. The holiday is always much better when you are well rested.

  12. Lyosha says

    Hotels really have a lot to do with proper stay and vacation feeling. It could turn things around and make it better or make it way way worse. picking a proper stay is a key

  13. Janay says

    I do agree hotels are usually in the best locations. They make it easy to get around while on vacation because your in the center of everything. Honestly staying in hotels is one of the reasons I like traveling. I only choose hotels with restaurants and that offer complimentary breakfast!

  14. kumamonjeng says

    When I travel, I usually stay a little further from the train station but offer better rooms and better view. This is how I like my hotel to be. I don’t mind travel a little bit more but away from the busy street. I need a calm and relax place to rest.

  15. Sigrid Says says

    Maldives! Yeah, honestly, whenever we stay in a nice hotel, we don’t go out anymore. That’s already a vacation in itself. haha the kids especially like swimming so if the hotel has a pool, we can’t go out anymore haha

  16. April Mims says

    I love staying at quality hotels when I travel. It’s especially nice to have a good bar area to hang out in at the end of a fun day of vacationing.

  17. Bindu Thomas says

    Looks like an incredible place to stay and great food. Thanks for sharing.

  18. shanelle says

    Great post! I’m definitely more of an outdoor adventure kind of girl. I usually stay at cheaper hotels so I can spend more money on activities, but I definitely see the draw to utilizing everything your hotel has to offer

  19. LiveLoveAndAdventure says

    I prefer hotels vs. other types of accommodates for many of the same reasons. I also work hard all year and want my vacation to be easy and stress free, and the hotel does a lot of the “work” for you!

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