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6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

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6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Long-distance moving during fall is no longer. Most homeowners would opt to look for movers NYC during this time because the weather is mild and families can enjoy a new neighborhood just before the holidays.

If you’re planning to do the same and move during this time of the year, make your house stand out by using the best fall decorating ideas. You’ll be surprised how small hacks can make your house one with the season!

Contrary to popular belief, fall decorating ideas don’t have to be expensive or stressful.

There are actually ideas that are very simple to copy and will not require hours of preparation. Here are some fall decorating ideas you should try soon:

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

1. Low centerpieces

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

The centerpieces you put in your table can make or break the ambiance of the room. With the right centerpieces, it’ll be easier for your guests to hold conversations and bond with each other. 

You can achieve this by using low centerpieces and mixing silverware with acorns and classic china. These decors are not only pleasing to the eyes – they can also be very functional for you and your guests!

 2. Orange velvet accents

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the fall season is to invest in pieces that come in shades of orange.

Depending on your preference, you can opt to use one shade of orange throughout the entire home or mix lighter and darker shades of orange together. 

Instead of buying new seats for your living area, you can buy throw pillows in different shades of orange or use flowers, which is in the color orange. Using accents is a cheap and full-proof way of making your space feel and look like fall. 


 3. Layer accent pillows

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Pillows are a staple in every household. You need pillows in your living area, bedroom, and oftentimes, in your deck or patio.

And while it’s common practice to use one print in the pillows of the room, consider spicing things up by layering different accent pillows.

You can use one which has a floral pattern, one with polka dots and another in a solid color. This trick will not only add color to any space of your house; it can also provide texture. 


4. Freshen up the front door

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Impressions do last, and when it comes to your home – how your front door looks can make an impression.

If your front door is dull and boring, your guests will immediately think that everything inside your house is dull and boring, as well.

In some cases, they won’t even be interested if you have a front door like this. If you don’t want this to happen, take the time to freshen up your front door.

You can do this by applying a fresh coat of paint, hanging a wreath on your door or using pumpkins as decorations in the entryway. 


 5. Pop in some plaid

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Most homeowners associate with plaid with fall. Whenever they see anything that’s printed in plaid, they would think that the fall season is just around the corner.

If you share the same sentiment, go ahead and add some plaid in different areas of your house. You can use a plaid blanket in your reading corner or throw pillows which are covered in plaid. Your options are limitless!


 6. Add some fresh flowers

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Having flowers indoors can provide a long list of benefits. Aside from adding a pop of color to the space, flowers can also improve the air quality of your house. With this, you and your family will have lesser chances of developing allergies.

For you to depict the fall season inside your house, add some fresh flowers. If possible, look for flowers that come in yellow or orange hues, such as sunflowers and alstroemeria.

Place the flowers in a vase and put them in areas that usually receive a lot of traffic. Make sure that these beauts are visible to all of your guests and family members!

Above All…

Always Have Fun!

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Regardless of the decorations you’ll pick, don’t forget to have fun in doing it. Look for decorating ideas that suit your personality and if you can’t find any, tweak some of your options to make it your own.

Aside from making your house mimic the season, it should also highlight your creativity and uniqueness!

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Pin This…

6 Fall Decorating Ideas Every Homeowner Should Try

Well, how are you preparing your house for the oncoming fall? Have you tried any of these fall decorating ideas yet?

Please let us know in the comments below…



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  1. Mayuri Patel says

    The best is the four poster bed with the fairy lights… so beautiful. I love layering pillows and using different and yet complementary colored pillow covers. Adds so much warmth to any living space.

  2. Cindy says

    I agree, freshening your front door is a great way to usher in every season. I also love adding flowers, especially seasonal flowers.

  3. Michael says

    Hopefully many will follow your idea for the front door.. It will only not help the house and the people inside it but also will brighten up the day of the people who passes by it.

  4. Jenn says

    I love some warm, mustard accents so I’m really looking forward to Autumn to decorate with some warmer tones throughout the house.

  5. Morgan @ Baby Got Balance says

    I love fresh flowers & accent pillows! My husband doesn’t understand accent pillows (or why we have seasonal ones) but I will always have a collection of them for each season. Great post!

  6. Emily Fata says

    Fall is one of my favourite times of year, and the décor shift of homes during this time is absolutely dreamy! I love the warm hues, especially in larger and bright spaces.

  7. HilLesha O'Nan says

    I love plaid, especially during the autumnal season! I have never thought about incorporating it with my fall decor, but I may try this idea this fall.

  8. Crystal says

    I never get very festive when it comes to decorating, but I do love all of these ideas! They’re cute without being tacky!

  9. Cassandra Rose says

    The season changing is one of my biggest motivations for deep cleaning/completely revamping my place. We’re in the midst of moving right now, so I’m keeping an eye out for pieces that will really stand out, define wherever we end up. I live in the city but I’ve always dreamed of having my own garden one day and love your tip about the fresh flowers. I need to make a trip to home depot to figure out which plants are the best for inside and will live the longest.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Great idea Cassandra! Please do so- I also hope that someday, I’ll have my own garden too. Anyway, time for some fall decor! We gotta be ready for the season!

  10. Kemi says

    I love throw pillows and definitely need more lol. Also, a blanket for the coming chilly nights. I love colours so my apartment is full of accent colours already.

  11. Lasonia says

    These are such lovely ideas. I especially love decorating with pillows. I think pillows can always help to liven up your space.

  12. Autumn Murray says

    I love that you included “always have fun.” Decorating should be fun and not taken too seriously.

  13. Laura says

    These are some lovely ideas, I adore Autumn and the colours of this season, they always feel so welcoming and warm.

  14. Surekha-dreamingloud says

    I love decorating with my pillows so much. These tips are so great, I will try them sometime.

  15. Bree says

    I am really loving all these tips!! I love fall decor and always like to read other peoples ideas – it really inspires me to get decorating ASAP!

  16. mudpeifridays says

    What a lovely ideas. perfect since we are actually planning to do a DIY home redecoration project.

  17. Arun Dahiya says

    Awee. What a lovely house. I need to try those orange velvet accents. They are so appealing and match the fall theme.

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