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6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

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6 Fascinating Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

Travelling to some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world sounds like the perfect way to start a new chapter in your life with the love of your life.

From amazing Tanzania to romantic Italy and adventurous Australia, there’s a lovely destination for everyone’s preferences.

Whether you want to spend a romantic week with your new spouse, or you’d like to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, the following honeymoon destinations will offer you exactly what you’re looking for!

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around The Globe

1. Tanzania

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe : Tanzania

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari? And what about a sustainable safari? If the answer to both of the questions is Yes, then Tanzania will absolutely mesmerize you with its safari choices.

A sustainable safari is definitely one of the most outlandish ways to spend a honeymoon, and if you’re a true adrenaline addict who wouldn’t mind helping the environment as well, this will be a dream come true for you.

A 10-day journey through the East African country of Tanzania while you stay at a different luxury camp each night after you’ve gawked at lions, elephants, and zebras will be one of those pinch-me experiences you’ll never forget.

2. Turkey

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe : Turkey

For all the explorers curious to learn what Turkey hides in its ancient caves, Cappadocia is just the right honeymoon destination.

What’s more, you won’t lack a romantic touch, because all you need for that dreamy feeling Is a hot air balloon flight at sunrise.

Start your day up in the air with traditional cookies and Turkish coffee or tea, and enjoy 90 minutes of pure bliss.

To fulfil your exploratory honeymoon, visit the centuries-old caves, hike through the Goreme Open Air Museum and book the Museum Hotel for the most spectacular nuptial trip.

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3. Australia

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

If you’re a true thrill-seeker, Australia should be on the top of the honeymoon destinations list.

The fact that the Land Down Under is home to some of the best diving, snorkeling and surfing destinations in the world, you shouldn’t think twice about making it the number one choice for your celebratory getaway.

If you’re a fan of snorkeling, don’t forget to bring your own scuba equipment and be sure you’re using the high-quality gear that’ll keep you safe underwaters. Rentals are not always reliable, so pack your own scuba gear and dive in with no worries.

Australia is an amazing place for stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, and sea kayaking so the adventurer in you will be completely fulfilled in the Land Down Under.

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4. Italy

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

The one place in Italy that’s a perfect destination for year-round honeymoons is definitely Puglia. It’s home to some of Italy’s finest beaches, offering you a charming and luxurious experience.

If you stay at one of the family-owned luxury resorts, you’ll enjoy the mesmerizing coastline of the Adriatic while relishing in all the thrills this charming European country has to offer.

Don’t miss tasting exquisite Italian meals, local produce, and the best pasta in the world.

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5. Greek Islands

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

The cerulean seas, white-sand beaches, and unique white houses with cobalt blue roofs will take your breath away, offering you an unforgettable honeymoon. Greece is just the perfect destination for all the romance lovers who want to experience a little bit of hustle and bustle of the foreign country as well.

While the Greek Islands offer everything that you want in a relaxing, romantic destination, Athens is also the location you’d want to stay at, for at least a night.

Folegandros is one of the less busy islands, where you’ll have the time to stroll with your spouse into the village of Karavastasi, have a shot of ouzo and truly experience the Greek culture.

6. Mozambique

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

If you’re looking to go off the beaten path, Mozambique is the destination for you. The Quirimbas Archipelago is a true gem of Africa, being home to some of the most wonderful islands.

A dhow safari is one-of-a-kind experience you need to have, letting luxurious, lateen-rigged dhows offer you the most romantic cruise of all.

If you’d rather stay in a luxurious thatched villa and marvel the Indian Ocean and gorgeous tropical forests, set sails to Vamizi Island.

Don’t be surprised if you see Samango monkeys climbing up the tree right next to your villa, or giant crabs lazing about on the beach with you sunbathing next to them.

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

Final thoughts

Whether you go to Tanzania on safari, choose to explore Turkey, snorkel in Australia’s waters, have a romantic honeymoon in Italy, visit the Greek Islands or go off the beaten path in Mozambique, your nuptial trip will be the most spectacular vacation you’ve ever had.

Each of the aforementioned destinations is unique on its own so you won’t regret no matter the adventure you decide to embark on.

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6 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the Globe

Well, what destination would want to go to four your honeymoon? Or even, where did you go for your honeymoon?

We’d love to know so please, let us know in the comments section below…




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  1. Alexandra says

    Love everything that you have put on this list! I am yet to visit Turkey, but it is so high on my list. Italy is one of my favourites, and I am lucky enough to live in Australia!

  2. Aditya Tiwari says

    If I was a married person, I would go to Australia. Any time. Then the second favorite would be Turkey. But I would still go alone and enjoy for myself.

  3. Lyosha says

    We are thinking to renew the vows and go on honeymoon again. I think Australia is the best of all the others here! I am think about it too

  4. Jess says

    These are awesome locations to visit for honeymoons. My husband and I visited Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and deeply enjoyed our time!I would love to visit Italy and definitely enjoy their food.

  5. Adriana Lopez says

    wow so many good options would have never thought of Mozambique and Tanzania. I guess I need to expand my horizons and explore these places soon.

  6. Hannah Marie says

    All of this are just breath taking destinations. They are all my favorites. Australia really hits my excitement button.

  7. Heather says

    We never went on a honeymoon but I would have liked to go to any of these places. I’m hoping we can do it in the next few years.

  8. Jenn says

    There are some great destinations on this list! We went a little minimoon with my family to Rhodes, Greece. It was absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to return to the Greek isles. Our main honeymoon is in May to the Dominican Republic which I have never been to so I can’t wait to explore!

  9. Kristen Frolich says

    These are great suggestions! What is most important during your honeymoon is spending time and making memories with your special person. That would definitely happen at any of these spots!

  10. Eloise says

    Greece and Italy are definitely places i want to go regardless of honeymooning or not ; )
    I would have never thought of the first two you mentioned for the special vacation, but I’ll have to keep that in mind… thanks!

  11. Silvia says

    Great ideas! If I had to choose I would go with the Greek Islands or Italy, I was amazed by the other options though, like Tanzania or Turkey

  12. Marjie Mare says

    Those are exotic places that I would love to go. We are planning to go to Italy for our 25th wedding anniversary next year.

  13. Karla says

    Those places look amazing! I hope they’re affordable. I would suggest Asian countries like Philippines, Korea, and Japan too.

  14. Binge on Basics says

    I have heard of Mozambique for the first time and I hate to admit this. For me, I think Italy would be an ideal destination because I totally love the city and cannot stop admiring the beauty of their artistic architecture.

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