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5 Responsible Fashion Trends

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5 Responsible Fashion Trends

If you were given a choice between wearing something you like or wearing something you like which is also durable and good for the environment; I mean, responsible fashion items. What would your choice be?

The right answer seems obvious, but most of us consistently fail to make the effort to do it.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest industrial polluters in the entire world, accounting for a shocking amount of global carbon emissions and generating an estimated 16 million tons of waste every year.

With this in mind, here are five responsible fashion trends for 2019 that could help you do your bit for the planet:

5 Responsible Fashion Trends Worth Embracing

1.Fabrics made from ocean waste

5 Responsible Fashion Trends


Sustainable fashion organisations are stepping up their efforts to help clear around six billion tons of waste from the world’s oceans. Discarded plastic is collected from the sea and recycled into textiles.

Furthermore, people are using more materials from the sea to produce textiles, rather than having to farm products on the land.

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Fabrics are being created from seaweed, and leather from fish skin. This also provides more opportunities for fishermen hired by textiles manufacturers to collect sea waste.

2. Incentives for customers to return unwanted clothing

5 Responsible Fashion Trends


Discarded clothes amount to around 13 million tons that end up in landfills year after year.

Clothing brands and retailers are responding to this, developing more initiatives to encourage customers to return their clothing to stores when they are no longer needed, in exchange for discounts on new items.

A circular economy is sure to play a big part in sustainable fashion, and with brands collecting more garments for reuse, this is beginning to come about.

Perhaps, one day, the time will come when new resources are no longer needed because all new garments can be made from reused materials.

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3. Advances in nanotechnology

5 Responsible Fashion Trends


Engineers are developing advanced ways of incorporating nano-sized components into ordinary materials to improve their durability and performance.

Manufacturers will embrace nanotechnology in order to produce clothing that can resist things like water damage, stains, wrinkles and odour.

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However, it is important that nanotechnology is used responsibly; without introducing new hazards to the environment or working conditions that are dangerous to workers in the industry.

Modern slavery has been a problem in the fashion industry, and brands like ASOS are fighting it by providing extra training for their employees to ensure that slavery is eradicated from every aspect of the production process.

4. Greater transparency in supply chains and processes

5 Responsible Fashion Trends


The fashion industry has traditionally revolved around guarded secrets to maintain a competitive edge.

It employs millions of people around the world and collects materials from all manner of sources, and this secrecy has led to many sensitive issues being swept under the carpet.

Advocates of responsible fashion are changing these attitudes, aiming to offer complete transparency to the public so customers can feel assured that what they are buying has not been produced with unethical processes or materials.

This enables consumers to vote with their money, granting them the choice to avoid companies that aren’t open about their supply chains and processes.

5.Exploring sources for natural dyes

5 Responsible Fashion Trends


The most energy-intensive stage of clothing production is the dyeing and finishing process.

Large amounts of water and toxic chemicals are required, heavily contributing to pollution. Advocates of responsible fashion are shifting the focus onto creative and innovative ways of producing safer, healthier dyes for the fashion industry.

Things like tea leaves and herbaceous plants such as mint are a good option, and biopolymers can be used to coat fabrics. These are a good alternative to petroleum-based polymers that take decades to decompose.

Final Thoughts On Responsible Fashion

5 Responsible Fashion Trends

Responsible, sustainable fashion has now become more than merely a fad for eco-warriors and hipsters to pursue.

It is becoming an embedded part of society, with a growing presence in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Nevertheless, there is still a need for individuals and organisations to make a genuine paradigm shift towards embracing sustainable fashion.

The modern designer should always consider the sustainability of the materials they use, and responsible processes should be factored in as well.

Let us all join in the movement towards responsible fashion!

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5 Responsible Fashion Trends

Well, how are you taking part in promoting responsible fashion?

Would love to hear your thoughts below…



Emily Preston is a family & lifestyle blogger residing in the UK, juggling looking after her 5 and 2-year-old boys with her writing.

With her work spanning from how to look after your family to travelling with them, she writes from experience to provide authentic and useful tips to parents across the world.



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  1. Tracy Albiero says

    Interesting thoughts here. I try to shop local when I can. Cut down on transportation costs. I think more companies can do better to use renewable energy. Solar, wind etc.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      That’s thoughtful of you Tracy! Hope we get to see more companies and users too becoming more responsible in their processes.

  2. GiGi Eats says

    I have never thought about responsible fashion before in my life, probably because I don’t care about fashion AT ALL. I just put clothing on because I am supposed to – LOL! That being said, Now I AM thinking about it – and it’s great that you’re talking about it because so many people LOVE fashion and need to pay attention to responsible fashion!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Ha-ha! Yes you got that right Gigi! It’s about time we stopped just wearing and started minding more about the clothing. I do. I stopped overstocking clothes in my closet and I’m also keen on going for natural fibres.

  3. Whitney says

    I had to look deeper into your seaweed fabric fact. I work with textiles and I love looking for new, natural sources. I’m going to keep researching this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Adriana says

    I am so glad that someone is bringing this to the forefront. So important that companies become more responsible.

  5. Amanda J says

    Love this! Such great options to help be responsible in the fashion world!

  6. Pia says

    Leather from fish skin, nanotechnology in textile, you have pretty interesting opinions. If everybody thought like you even fashion can do its part in saving the earth. Kudos 👍

  7. Lindsay Veremis says

    Excellent points to consider when shopping! It is so easy to leap on to the next great thing, without a clear examination of where it came from or how it was produced. Definitely food for thought for this fashionista.

  8. Norma Nikutowski says

    Great that they make fabric from ocean waste. It’s very important to think about our environment when we are shopping for clothes. I’m all for responsible fashion items.

  9. Chad says

    I think everyone should only shop from responsible stores, clothing and otherwise. It is about time everyone takes this issue seriously. Great article.

  10. Ngozi says

    Such a great idea though a difficult track..i will like to go for responsible fashion..let the world change for good

  11. Lavern Moore says

    Wearing fashion in a responsible way sounds like a great concept in theory but I don’t see much sexiness in wearing fabrics that were made from recycled ocean materials such as plastic. I could see myself doing some form of thrifting and recycling as this article suggests.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Yes Lavern; most of those pieces are recycled and made wearable. And also, apart from clothes, bags and jewelry items made from ocean waste are booming!

  12. Suzanne says

    I didn’t know that you could make fashion from ocean waste! I’m trying to cut back on buying cheaper clothing and focus on key pieces that are sustainable. It’s a privilege to be able to afford sustainable clothing.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      That’s amazing Suzanne; I’m with you too. I prefer investing in durable pieces instead of too much shoddy fabrics that will need to be disposed too soon.

  13. Sabrina Must says

    I love the trend of responsible fashion! I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see clothes made from recycled materials. I’m excited to see this trend grow and create new fashion statements!

  14. That Dog Momma says

    This also reminds me of ethical diamond buying. I had no idea that this was such an impact but I am glad I am now educated on the matter and that you are sharing your wisdom with others!

  15. Viano Dee says

    I must say that I never knew that fabrics could be made out of ocean wastes and dyes from plants— mint especially. This is an interesting information.

  16. Catherine Santiago Jose says

    All of us are wearing clothes, right and whether you are in fashion or not everyone of us should be responsible in what we are producing, wearing or buying.

  17. twinspirational says

    I love these kind of campaigns, recycling everything even garments are a big help. And it’s great that they can even open more opportunities to fishermen.

  18. Elizabeth O says

    Interesting idea on giving customers incentives for returning unwanted clothes. I think this is a brilliant idea. Imagine the amount of garbage we can help minimize in landfills.

  19. Kate says

    I’m so glad to know that responsible, sustainable fashion has now become a fad for eco-warriors and hipsters to pursue. Fashion industry is booming and we need to be more careful hat we purchase!

  20. Brandy says

    This is one of the reasons that I almost always try to buy resale. It recycles and saves the enviroment doing this. I also try to give my clothing to those who need them so they don’t just get trashed

  21. Erika Tiara says

    I learned a lot from this article. Following the trends is a way to keep us up to date. You’ve got amazing thoughts by the way, I enjoyed every minute of reading this article!

  22. Alexandra Cook says

    Those were really awesome ideas. I love them all especially the fabrics made from ocean waste. We can be fashionably while saving our earth.

  23. aisasami says

    I haven’t seen them here in Japan but I really want to try naturally dyed clothes. I would wear some to preserve this planet.

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