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5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

The fall season is already upon us, and we have a sneaking suspicion – our fashion spidery sense is tingling – that you and your closet are absolutely unprepared. You need to sort out that fashion situation , and update your personal style ASAP.

We live in a world in which outfits are larger than the sum of their parts and presentation is everything – in business and in life, so let’s hop to it. You may not be aware of what your style may be lacking, so we’re here to give the drowning fashionista in you a life jacket.

We have comprised no less than five reasons you’re in dire need of a good and comprehensive update to your personal style, and if any of them ring a bell, jump in with both feet and save your style because the clock is ticking.

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1. Back in the years

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

Faux fur, endless shades of blue, the rockabilly trend that was brought forth by such brands as Marc Jacobs and Coach are already outdated.

Sure, you may have been a rock princess or a fur-wearing winter snowflake, but those trends along with numerous others have not survived the year and will not be telling the tale. Gone years serve only as a point of reference. You may have passé ‘skeletons’ in your closet that date back to 2010.

Sure, the leather moto jacket is forever and perhaps a cool black dress, but face it, most of these items are outdated and when that’s the case, in the spirit of sustainability – recycle, sell and donate and subsequently make room for new trends You’ll appreciate starting from there as you update your personal style!

2. Nothing makes sense

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

If you have a closet full of currently trendy items – saturated colors, pastels, sheer dresses, plaid, murky florals, polka dots, clear bags, white boots – the whole gang, you probably have trouble coming up with a chic outfit.

Each of these trends is incredibly strong and poignant, and they rarely work well together, at least most of them, so you have to pick your battles. You can’t have so many statement pieces and expect for them to mesh.

No, you need to stick to the ones that actually go with your established style persona and get rid of the rest.

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For instance, choose urban style clothing that’s part eternally modern part atelic and you’ll be out of the woods. If you try too many things, it doesn’t only end in a fashion disaster but you’re risking losing your style compass, not to mention a great deal of money because most of these trends will not live to tell the tale, at least not according to what the beginning of SS NFW 2019 has to say so far.

So, opt for a trend or two, stick with them, save your style and your wallet.

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3. Total lack

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

In the trend-chasing frenzy, you have completely forgotten about the timeless pieces everyone simply has to own regardless of what their style is.

Quality basics are the pillar of every outfit and they will come to your rescue when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the trends that are hard to work with. In fact, with a simple tee and a classic trench coat, you might actually be able to make one of your crazy patterns work.

Moderation is key, so if you want to have your trendy cake and eat it too, first choose your trendy battles wisely and then ‘diffuse’ them with neutral basics and achieve looks that are both evergreen yet on trend.

4. You haven’t found it yet

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

Every woman needs to have that something that’s just her own, and that sets her apart from the crowd – a personal style signature. You need to make your mark so that people can say, ‘oh it’s the girl who always has amazing (fill in the blank)’.

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Kendall Jenner has her obscenely stunning collection of bags, Bella Hadid rocks athleisure like nobody else. Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her high heels (yes, in real life too), so you need to find that something that will be your signature staple.

That way, you will avoid looking not only the same at every event or on every photo, but also like everyone else – bland and invisible. You can be the girl with the Blake Lively hair, you can wear head wraps and statement earrings.

The point is, just find something you’re probably already drawn to and become a true collector about whom people will be saying, ‘oh yes, she always has the most amazing purses’.

There are many ways to make a mark on this world, being a fashion inspiration is definitely one of them. Never forget that whenever you want to update your personal style!

5. Get with the program

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

Hair and makeup, and in today’s world, especially makeup, make for a huge chunk of your overall personal style.

So, it’s time to visit the Instagram profiles of some of the most prominent makeup brands such as Fenty Beauty, Tarte, Too Faced, ColourPop, UD and many others and check out some of the new releases.

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For instance, hot pink, blue and all types of green are all the rage when it comes to eye shadows. Everyone is constantly upping the ante in the highlighter department, not to mention the obscene number of new lippies and ethereal holographic lip glosses.

Just as your wardrobe, your makeup collection is probably screaming for an update, so head over to your go-to makeup store and revamp your look. You can even use the services of the beauty booths and learn a new technique or two and with new makeup, you’ll be ready for a fresh and new fall you.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Personal Style ASAP

Yes, there is plenty of ground to cover, but you still have a bit of time till fall truly kicks in, so use this time wisely and shop even more wisely even as you update your personal style to fit the season. We’ve taught you well, you are ready to fly solo now.



Peter is a beauty and fashion writer at Trend Prive magazine.

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  1. Alexa Fish says

    Okay wow! I’ve been living in maternity clothes for the past few months, so I haven’t really thought about fashion much if at all, but now I’ve just got the urge to go and pretty myself up for the coming season! I love the makeup tips especially, and all I can see is adding a little bit of man made ‘glow’ in the form of those amazing holographic lip glosses and pretty eyeshadows.

  2. kumamonjeng says

    I live in a country with no four seasons but I am a frequent traveler so I need this tips for my November travel to Japan as it will be autumn/winter season.

  3. Joanna says

    It’s important to know what are each season’s trends and follow them as much as you can. I never thought about having a personal clothing staple that makes you unique.

  4. Amber Myers says

    I love these looks. I basically just stick to jeans and t-shirts and don’t plan on updating it. I’m all about comfort, but I admire others who follow trends!

  5. Jessi says

    My personal style totally needs an update! I have recently changed careers so I think that itself justifies a new wardrobe for sure!

  6. Sarah Bailey says

    Yup I totally need to do this, I am a nightmare for just wearing things until they fall apart, I could really do with finding a style and putting together a capsule wardrobe that at least I keep on top of with the changing seasons.

  7. Natalia says

    This year I’m totally prepared for the change of season … and I think I’ve finally found my personal style when it comes to clothes! I’m really happy as people around also have noticed that and according to their opinions I’m getting more beautiful with age! Can’t wait to check out your tips too! 🙂

  8. Monidipa Dutta says

    Hey sweety, another lovely post from you. I completely agree with your points and I would really like stress on the first point, yes it really doesn’t make any sense.

  9. stacey says

    I agree, hair and makeup are a huge part of personal style. It makes you look different from everyone else even if they are wearing the same thing. I love to see people make choices in both that are complimentary yet unique.

  10. Stephanie Parrell says

    When you are dressing to your personal style in what colors suit you and match your personality the clothes seem to really shine on you. Someone else can wear the same thing and it just would not be as good.

  11. Hollie says

    I try and update my personal style each year so I’m not a season or two behind. My New Years Resolution was actually not to buy any new clothing and so far, I haven’t!

  12. Navita says

    I somehow feel I need a new wardrobe most of the time LOL! You are absolutely right that many a times, even the make-up we have been using is outdated. We stop using them but do not upgrade! Thanks for the reminder and points to consider on updating the personal style!

  13. Natalie says

    I agree that makeup adds to your personal style 🙂 I have enough to last me a lifetime (beauty blogger haha) – but my wardrobe could use an update!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Yeah… For a beauty blogger like you Natalie, I’m as certain that you’re sorted when it comes to makeup. Hope the same goes for your wardrobe soon.

  14. Ola @ WanderWithOla says

    What an interesting read, dear! I’m pretty grateful that I came from tropical country, which saves me from having to change the outfit styles every 4 months or so. I like your tips about choosing urban style clothing and stop trying too many things to keep us from fashion disaster and breaking our bank. I love having the timeless pieces like little black dress, white t-shirt that will be a safe choice to work with and mix-match with other items when I do not know what to wear. Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Mommy Sigrid says

    At 43, I am also updating my style. At least now, I am concerned with what I wear. I also wear more dresses now, as compared in the past. Maybe it’s because I have more time to dress myself up, as the kids are older. And I have also lost some weight, so I look better in a lot of outfits already.

  16. Lauren says

    I so agree that moderation is key. And in the midst of all these trends, it’s important to find your own unique style. Great blog!

  17. Aiai Damigo says

    sometimes I’d get jealous of people who really knows how to style themselves. I dont have that talent, thats why its so nice to see blogs about styling where I can get an idea!

  18. Prerna Malhan says

    Thanks for the motivation. Have been lacking a bit myself by sticking with the staples. Really need to do something better.

  19. Kiwi says

    It took me years but i have found my true style. I think many people are following trends and what people are doing online and magazines but its not them its everyone else. I have am modern boho chic femme style and I love it!

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