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World Meditation Day 2019: 5 Easy Steps Of Getting Started With Meditation Today

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5 Easy Steps Of Getting Started With Meditation Today

Did you know that 21st May is World Meditation Day? Well, since meditation is such a powerful thing for the mind, it is important that we actually learn how to meditate too. Getting started with meditation today does not have to be a problem because you can also celebrate World Meditation Day by attending a meditation session without even leaving your home!


In order to share the benefits of meditation with the world, Will Williams, the founder of World Meditation Day and author of ‘The Effortless Mind’ is hosting two guided meditation sessions (one happened yesterday on the 21st of Mayat Gherkin in London and the second will be happening today on the 22nd of March in Vancouver).

Good enough, since the sessions can be streamed live, anyone will be able to watch them again and again.

Will William says, ‘I established World Meditation Day back in 2017 to make meditation fun and accessible, and subvert the assumption that it’s all about sitting cross-legged and chanting ’Om’. I believe that meditation can have a truly meaningful impact on the world and this day is a chance for everyone to did their toe in, enjoy themselves and start to free themselves from the stress and strain of modern life.’

One can stream the meditation session live from Beeja Website.

Click HERE to join the meditation session happening today!

Beeja is a brand new meditation program launching in June 2019. Through Beeja App, one can access meditation sessions hence making it easy for people around the world to take part in meditation successfully within 21 days. Also, those experienced in meditation can have access to a variety of immersive courses and retreats!

Download the Beeja App from 3rd June on Play Store or Apple Store

Thanks to World Meditation Day, we will all be having a great guided meditation session.

So, what is meditation?

5 Easy Steps Of Getting Started With Meditation Today

Meditation refers a state of thoughtless awareness; at this state, the mind experiences deep and profound peace which makes the mind calm, yet very alert.

Wondering about the benefits of meditation?

  • Meditation brings about deeper relaxation.
  • Results in less anxiety.
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Enhances more feelings on well-being.
  • Improves blood circulation around the body.

When getting started with meditation, it is important to realize that it can be almost impossible to just sit for some time and ‘think about nothing.’ But good enough, here are:

5 Steps To Help You Get Started With Meditation:

5 Easy Steps Of Getting Started With Meditation Today

1.Sit, Lay or Stand comfortably.

You can take a few minutes to make yourself comfortable so that you won’t suffer distractions. You can also invest in a mediation chair, cushion or mat.

Comfort also comes from what you put on. Wear comfortable clothes (like loose clothes) that will allow you to rest easy. For example: yoga pants are better than jeans.

Get Your Yoga Pants HERE

2. Close your eyes.

When meditating, you will be involving all of your senses and you just can’t afford to let your eyes have their way. This definitely helps with increased concentration. Here is an eye mask you can try especially if you are laying down.

You can also use eye masks. I got some of the favorite eye masks I enjoy using on Style Korea. You can get the eye masks HERE.

3. Let your thoughts pour in.

Since at times we get so used to a very busy lifestyle, we normally have a lot of thoughts running in our minds. So when you are getting started with meditation, allow your thoughts and emotions to pour in. If you feel like crying, do cry but don’t open your eyes. That way, your brain comes to a still after this.

4. Focus on your breath

Do not control your breath but breathe in and out so naturally. Take note of your chest movements and if your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

5. Bring your session to a close.

Instead of simply rushing off to your day, to bed or other activities after your meditation session is over, bring the session to a close gradually.

I mean, you can first stop thinking about the sound of your breath then slowly open your eyes. Stay at that rest position for a minute or so to allow your body and soul to reconnect with your surrounding once again.

When getting started with meditation, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

5 Easy Steps Of Getting Started With Meditation Today

  • Start small, with just a few minutes like 2-3 minutes to avoid boredom issues. As you progress, you can always increase the time.
  • Find the best quiet time for meditation; This could be early in the morning or just before bed, especially if you can’t fit a mediation session during your day. Some people also love meditating by waterfalls, in the sunset or sunrise or by rivers since nature provides a very therapeutic feeling. But you decide!
  • Make sure you stay comfortable because this allows your mind to be calm.
  • Go for a meditation app. It can be hard to meditate alone if you are just starting out. Hence, appreciate guided meditation from a mindfulness app. While there are plenty of them, you can get Beeja App, The Mindfulness App and Breathe and Think.
  • Take a wellness retreat. You can also book for a wellness retreat where you will experience guided mediation sessions by trainers. You can also have yoga in the process. Yippie!

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5 Easy Steps Of Getting Started With Meditation Today

Well, have you tried meditation before? Guided or solo? How was your experience during and after the session?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…


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  1. Amber Myers says

    I’ve tried to meditate and it’s not for me. I tend to just get the giggles. However, I do like to lay down and shut my eyes. Then I usually end up taking a nap, which I am all for.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Ooops! I can feel that Laura. You can try got for a wellness retreat, use meditation apps or get a trainer. That will be easier and you’ll come to appreciate its effects.

  2. Katie Walsh Beck says

    All good tips for something I need to try! With five kids, a husband, three dogs and a full time job I need a little calm and relaxation in my life!

  3. Cristina Petrini says

    In this period I have so many thoughts, and unfortunately many negatives and pessimists, that I would just like to fight. I wish I could go into meditation and find the mental strength I need.

  4. thesummerwinediary says

    I’ve always wanted to try meditation seriously because of all the benefits that it brings. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to completely strip my mind of the thoughts gathered there throughout the day. But after reading your article I will give it another try.

  5. Chad says

    This is awesome! I’ve been meditating for hours and I found that watching the breath is the easiest way to get into it.

  6. Krysten says

    I have got to get back into meditation. I have been SO stressed out lately and I know it helped in the past. Thanks for the reminder,

  7. Marjie Mare says

    I recently started doing meditation and mindfulness practice. I can tell you this has been helping me a lot. Thanks for sharing this post and helping us join the meditation community.

  8. Anagha says

    I had decided to start it from today but gave it up . The weather and health issues are still not making me fit enough to do it. But, yes , I do believe Meditation is healthy and it refreshes the body.

  9. Lyosha says

    I might sound boring but meditation is the best end and start of the day to me. It sounds absolutely perfect to me. I didn’t know there was a meditation day, I think I’d do something special for my meditation that day

  10. aisasami says

    I don’t do meditation every day but I do it once in a while. I should do it more often but it is hard in the morning as I am not a morning person. I rather do in the night time as I feel alive them.

  11. Mavs Escala says

    I don’t do meditation as I don’t have much time but this makes me want to meditate.

  12. Karen Monica says

    I have always wanted to start to meditate and I am sure this step by step guide will help me to start. But I think I need to download the app too just in case.

  13. Momi Berlin says

    This is very interesting. Meditating for me is very hard. I can’t seem to get started, but I am sure that following this meditation guide can help me start.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It takes decision to actually get started. My first meditation day was over at a wellness retreat and I’m glad I can now do it comfortably!

  14. Alexandra Cook says

    I love a nice meditation session. I have been working hard on doing it better for longer.

  15. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I want to try this but honestly, I can rarely find time during the day (or night) when I am not bothered by any other human. Oh goodness, I can only hope for a few minutes to myself, just me doing nothing!

  16. Arun says

    I love to meditate daily. It helps me to relax Down and stay mindful. I use meditation videos too.

  17. David Elliott says

    I truly do know how useful this can be and how good it is for mental health. I struggle with it though. I tend to fall asleep which isn’t really meditation

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I can feel you David; that’s why it tends t be easier to start with guided mediation using apps or videos. You should try that next time.

  18. Ewuzie Kingsley says

    I for one love mediating it gives me the opportunity to come up with fresh ideas, and is relaxing but still not able to last for and hour Nice tips I will put them to practice.

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