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3 Types Of Hats You Will Need For Your Street Swag

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When we think of accessories, the thought of leather handbags, high-end jewelry and beautiful shoes immediately comes into our minds. That’s normal since when I dress up, those will be the first things I’ll need to finish up any look effortlessly. Just throw on my pretty jewelry, wear those nice pair of shoes, pick up my sunglasses and grab my sling bag before going through the door. Or if it’s cold, gloves, scarves and boots will work for me.

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But after giving it a thought, I’ve come to agree that hats make it to the style hall of fame too! While everyone will wear shoes and grab hand bags, not everyone will remember to wear a fabulous hat for a fine finish unless it’s is actually so sunny out there or even rainy. That’s practical!

Come to think of it, if the baker boy hat rocked during the Paris Fashion Week while the beret hat, a classical 80s piece was heavily worn my models during the London Fashion Week, why don’t you consider getting one for your street swag too?

While there are so many types of hats that you could incorporate to start your own legacy, there are some basic types that will actually elevate your street outfit instantly. Ones that will suit your fancy like crazy!



Take me to Paris and I’ll bring along my beret hat! If Ralph Lauren’s runway collection includes this basic type of hat, it’s actually one to acquire! French hats can be so distinct and gorgeous, right?

The silhouette of a high fashion beret entails a disk of wool poof that hugs the wearer’s head. While you can rock it in any color or pattern, remember to always cock to the side for a finished Parisian vibe.

The high fashion beret hat

In this set, the black beret hat does all the talking since it blends so well with the olive green for a pretty complete set. A classic hat for an accessory actually polishes up the look as much as the thigh high boots and the bag aid in making the whole look glamorous.


Think ’flat beret’ and imagine of a 70s French peasant by the fields. Think ‘flat beret’ and imagine of a guerilla leader looking sullen wearing one.

Needless to say, the flat beret has been around for ages and has made such a comeback in the fashion arena!The flat beret actually differs from the high fashion beret since it’s got less poof.

The flat beret hat

So if you want to add some sass to your laid back casual look, then accessorize with a flat beret hat. To rock this hat, get that cute pair of denim jeans and pair with that bandeau top before throwing a gorgeous coat atop.


Dungaree Love

Already bored about rocking your awesome beret hat with your jeans combo? Then dress up your plaid dungarees and accessorize with a contrasting beret hat. The Fashionable Step Mum just knows how to rock the beret like the fashionista she is, right?Wouldn’t you want to rock like this to the streets? Or even to a function?

The Fashionable Stepmum rocking a red beret hat

The Fashionable Stepmum rocking a red beret hat

All Shades Of Grey

When it’s all about dressing up to look expensive without too much effort, then a monochromatic look is the best combo to consider, especially when you’re thing about spring coming! And when it is cold out there, leave alone the all black look and opt for the grey-on-grey combo!

Mbaire Wangui in a grey beret hat

Mbaire Wangui in a grey beret hat



Oh my! The fedora hat is one type of hat you should not be missing; leave alone the floppy hats and sun hats which are fancy for the beach! 3 Types Of Hats You Will Need For Your Street Swag Today’s fedoras come in so much fabrics: straw, mesh and even firm organic cotton. Actually, some fedoras hats actually look like the bowler hat or the boater hat just that the fedora has a flatter brim while the boater hat is a hard hat with a round crown, an upturned brim and mostly made from straw or mesh. Read Also : The Floppy Hat 


Rock perfect outerwear

When styling a fedora, take the look to ultra-cozy heights with comfortable outerwear and dress it up. Mbaire Wangui accessorizes the hat on the Canadian Tuxedo. It’s so nice to see how the hat and the coat blend so well for an awesome finish,right?

3 Types Of Hats You Will Need For Your Street Swag

Mbaire Wangui rocking a boater hat


Embrace Contrast

While it’s so easy to rock a black fedora on any sort of combo or even an all-black everything look, the problem can set in when rocking bold hats. But Mbaire wears it so perfectly; going all denim, contrasting with pink and embracing some rugged swag!These shades of blue and pink don’t look so bad at all,right?

3 Types Of Hats You Will Need For Your Street Swag

Mbaire Wangui rocking a pink fedora


Mix and match prints

When it’s cold out there, not only the outerwear should be your concern but also the hat you take on to the streets. Choose to bring a plain hat along with a plaid coat and you can be sure of standing out all way long! Mbaire took this look to lunch with her mom and I swear this one killed it!

3 Types Of Hats You Will Need For Your Street Swag

Mbaire Wangui wearing a plain fedora with a printed coat


So what hat are you rocking to the streets this season? And what hat do you prefer most from the three hats?

Please share your thoughts with me below…

Disclaimer: The post features two fashion enthusiasts: Mbaire Wangui and the Fashionable Stepmum


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  1. I love their styles! I wish I was more adventurous with my clothing choices. Kudos to Mbaire and the Fashionable Stepmum!

  2. Great post, thanks for the suggestions. I love hats! The problem I have is that my hair is so think and there is so much of it that it’s hard to find hats that fit well. I have one fedora that I wear often though and love it!

  3. I am not really a hat person, but these pictures definitely have made me think twice about it. Maybe I just need to find the right one!

  4. Oh I don’t think i can pull off a hat. But i love it when people wear them. I love looking through pics of the royals in their various hats!

  5. Wow, I cannot agree more! I love love hats and will bring different type of hats to my vacation. I am not sure why people just look better with hat in the photos. Thanks for the tips!

  6. All of these looks are beautiful! I love the fedora but I have not been brave enough to buy one myself. I love the look though, just need to push my comfort zone I think!

  7. I never would’ve thought to add a hat to my outfit! I really like the high fashion beret hat, although I don’t think I am brave enough to wear it 🙂 I love all of the outfits that go with the hats too!

  8. You have great choice but unfortunately I don’t like hats at all. Yeah but I liked the outfits..

  9. Totally love your posts as they offer so much – from the mix and match to just the perfect styling tips. Whenever I see hats, i feel like buying them. Sometimes, have bought too.. When travelling to different places, I have seen different kinds. But somehow, have never been sure how to carry them on me 🙂 But after this post, looks like I will be buying another one soon and wear it too!

    • That’s so sweet to hear; means so much to me. Anyway, I’m happy you’re enlightenment right now and I can say that when traveling, I also make sure to bring along a couple of hats.

  10. I love a fedora hat. I think they are so chic. I’ve always wanted to beret but wasn’t sure of how to really style it.

    • A fedora is so classic Shana; I love how pretty it even looks on formal wear. But for a beret, you just have to cock into the side and it’ll look as gorgeous.

  11. The red shoes with the plaid is such a bold, awesome look. I love fashion, and as of recent, hats too!

  12. Nice one, Dalene! I have 2 straw hats. One floppy and one fedora and I wear both to the beach lol. You’ve given me some ideas for fall with my fedora and I might just buy a coloured felt one. I mix and match prints all the time and people are always shocked at how lovely it turns out. They don’t know it’s in my African DNA lol. As for berets, the last time I wore one was as part of my primary school Red Cross team back in Lagos. lol.

  13. I like the sentiment to find your signature piece of jewelry or accessory. I love the hats you listed for completing your look. A classic beret or fedora can pull together an outfit perfectly.

  14. I do love these 3 hats, they are so beautiful and looks so perfect to wear in any type of occasions.

  15. You make me want to go out and buy a dozen hats. These are all just too cute. I only wear one at the beach or when I’m out in the sun because I get sun poisoning, but I need to start wearing them more often.

  16. I so love the choices youve made. And I am not even aware of the names of the hats. Love that beret hat the most. It is so stylish.

  17. I’m not much of a hat wearer, but these looks are so amazing! I love those third outfit very much. Thanks for the suggestions.

  18. I like the berets. But right now it’s about 100F – all I need is a baseball cap shielding my eyes against the sun. But as soon as it gets cold, it will be beret time again.

  19. I totally wish I could pull off a beret. I love hats and love wearing them during the spring, summer, and fall but berets are something I’ve wanted to try out.

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