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20 Best Gift Ideas For Travelers

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20 Best Gift Ideas For Travelers

Have a friend who is this lover of adventure and would love to gift them? It might not be easy but here, we’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for travelers. You can now pick an amazing gift for the traveler in your life!

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20 Best Gift Ideas For Travelers

1. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Top on our list of the best gift ideas for travelers is the Fujifilm Instax mini camera!

Travelers not only appreciate making memories but also capturing moments.

While most of the travelers bring their DSLRs, drones and compact cameras along, it is time they added a Fujifilm Instax mini camera too.

This mini camera allows you to enjoy instant photo backdrops prints. Hence, this is a good camera to just enjoy the random moments and good times along your escapade.

You can bring these instantly-produced photo prints home for mounting on a frame for your bedside table or wall.

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2. A Bucket List Photo Book

Photo books are fantastic gifts because they show photos that are beautifully presented!

They are so high in quality and allow you to easily access all those beautifully captured moments instead of packing them up in your drive.

So if you’re struggling to find the best gift for your traveler friend, get theme a bucket list photo-book. Here, they can add all those places they desire to visit and publish that out. They’ll love you for it.

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3. A Tripod

A tripod helps to reduce camera movement when taking those great shots hence improving your picture’s quality.

It also helps to hold camcorders and serve as light stands too. Your traveler friend will really need one!

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4. A Camera Bag

If you realize the number of photography equipment travelers bring along, you’ll be amazed.

Talk about the drone, DSLR, mini camera, compact camera, extra batteries and memory cards, waterproof cameras, a laptop, chargers, and the list goes on depending on their nature of photography!

So, a good quality bag will do depending on the size of the equipment carried.

A great camera backpack will be appreciated; or a a beautiful camera handbag for the ladies.

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5. A Passport Holder

Who’d even travel without a passport? No one wants to ruin their vacation by being deported back to their country just because they lost their passport.

Hence, a passport holder will really come in handy.


Be sure to have several copies of your passport too, which you can walk with around the place.

This is particularly important in some countries just in case your identity proof is required and you cannot go back to your hotel. It works!

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6. Head Phones

Long flights and road trips can get so boring at times! Even worse if you never fall asleep during the course.

Here’s where you bring our your phone, put in the headphones and listen to music or your favorite podcast, or even watch something!

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7. A Toiletry Bag

It is so dreadful when you realize your body lotion just exploded in your suitcase and wash everything!

This can surely damage your clothing, equipment like cameras and other valuables. So for sure, the toiletry bag is a perfect solution for this. You can start by getting a hanging toiletry bag that is full of compartments.

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8. A Travel Book

A travel book is also, one of the best gift ideas for travelers! Especially, one who loves to read during long flights or road trips.

So when you want to give your traveler friend serious wanderlust, gift them a great travel book. While there are so many out there, here are a few that I’ve personally read over and again:

  • Love with a chance of drowning by Torre DeRoche, a travel blogger- This book about overcoming the fear of sailing across the Pacific will really amaze you. The vivid description of the scenery will improve your whole reading experience.

Other amazing books include: The Beach by Alex Garland, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams, Cruising Altitude by Heather Poole and Lands of Lost Borders:A Journey on the Silk Road by Kate Harris.

Enjoy the read travelers!

9. A Hammock

Beach vibes? Yes, please!

Who wouldn’t want to tie a hammock on the palm trees by the beach and bask in the sun while enjoying the ocean breeze? We all want that!

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10. A Subscription Box

Give the gift of travel to your friend by gifting them an amazing travel subscription box!

Some of the best travel subscription boxes and services include:

  • Priority Pass– this has to be the best subscription package for the frequent traveler which gives them access to exclusive lounges with affordable cost in more than 1200 airports and 500 cities around the world. So amazing!
  • WanderPak which includes 10 or more necessary items customized according to your destinations and travel style. Instead of the box, you can also gift a WanderPak gift card.
  • The Wordy Traveler which includes either one or three destination-inspired books,
  • Kizuna Box that allows them to enjoy Japanese traditions
  • Vacation Crate which includes destination-themed items from different vacation places around the world. It varies from food, drinks, artworks, artisan pieces, and bath/body items. In fact, you can even have personalized notes!
  • Jetsetter Chic that caters to the female traveler. It includes TSA compliant health and skin products like jet lag refresh spray, body lotion, facial masks, probiotics and many more, to last for up to 30days. (Currently, Jetsetter Chic is on halt for new members. There will be a soft relaunch at the end of the year)
  • Finders Seekers Mysteries that are perfect for the adventurers! The box includes customized games, challenges and puzzles about different cities around the world hence can help you explore a place while seeking to solve the challenge. This box is good for those 10 and above years.

11. A Tour To Paradise

Everyone wants to enjoy a fully paid trip in paradise, right? Depending on your friend’s type of travel, you can gift them a trip or tour.

Here is a list of the 10 most beautiful places around the world that are underrated hence less populated in comparison to the over-flooded places. Anyone will want to be in such beautiful places.

Other amazing places one can tour include:

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12. A Map

As travelers, we are so honored to have Google Maps because it really helps with finding directions in the easiest way possible.

But hey, having a tangible map is even better because you can pin the destinations you’ve visited, mark your next destinations, hang on your wall or even bring it along when hiking.

Thus, the perfect gift for a traveler will be the push pin map. They are unique, personalized and accurate. Get it ASAP!

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13. A Carry-On Suitcase

For some time now, the carry-on has really made away as the best luggage option for travelers-especially for backpackers, budget travelers and solo travelers.

With a carry-on, you can simply pack, save on checked luggage fees and move around easily.

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14. A Drone

Think about breathtaking aerial and overhead shots and think about the drone!

The drone has literally changed the way we capture our videos hence the latest and greatest travel accessory. So definitely, this has to be one of the best gift ideas for travelers, undoubtedly!

Some of the best drones in the market right now include the DJI Phantom  Pro (the hottest right now although expensive), the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro (the DJI Mavic drones are low-cost drone that can give you terrific shots)

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15. A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important even when traveling. Trekkers and hikers will need a water bottle, beach enthusiasts, backpackers, and just anyone will want one.

Most recommended is an insulated water bottle which preserves the temperature of the water.

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16. A Travel Neck Pillow

To all our friends who sleep during those long flights, we know how important the neck pillow is to us.

Before buying a pillow, consider one with a soft material that is sweat-resistant hence hygienic, a portable and comfortable pillow.

You can have a memory foam pillow that cradles the neck in a U-shape, a neck support pillow that is fastened like a collar just under the chin or a J-pillow that offers all-round chin support and cushions the head sides and back.

Some of the best pillows include: J-Travel Neck Pillow , Cabeau evolution memory foam travel neck pillow, Sencezo Inflatable Travel Pillow Sleep Aid, Day Dreamer Inflatable neck pillow (these two are inflated with air for them to puff up) and the Air-Comfy daydreamer push-button inflatable neck pillow.

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17. A Power Bank

Power banks are really beneficial for the on-the-go traveler because they can literally charge anything (from tablets to smartphones to cameras and laptops).

So one would not have to worry about going off when they had to be online booking a flight ticket or editing a video or taking photos.

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18. A Travel Luggage Organizer

Packing is one of the toughest things to do when preparing for a trip.

But with a travel  luggage packing organizer set, you work is significantly reduced. The organizer set helps you to classify your good in a tidy manner.

You can pack your clothing in the large net bags, your bathroom accessories and cosmetic in the zipper bags.

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19. A Duffel Bag

One of the best reasons to use a duffel bag is because you fold it, pack away and store it when you don’t need to use it.

The duffel bag is a great ‘just-in-case’ bag and many of the times, it comes in handy when you need to pack the souvenirs or other items you bought from your trip instead of squeezing everything in your suitcase, which you might end up spoiling.

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20. A Sleep Eye Mask

For travelers who appreciate a little peace in their sleep, an sleep or eye mask is a great accessory.

When buying one, consider its shape and fit(it should contour your face perfectly) and its fabric material which should be thick to keep light out yet soft to not pressurize your eyes.

You can also have special eye masks like collagen eye masks to refresh your eyes or lavender eye masks to cool your eyes and relieve headaches.

Some of the best sleep eye masks include: Dream Sleeper Mask, Jersey Slumber silk sleep mask and blindfold, Mavogel cotton sleepy eye mask and the sound oasis Deluxe Glo to sleep natural sleep eye mask.

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There you have it! 20 gift ideas for travelers! Any traveler will appreciate these!

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20 Best Gift Ideas For Travelers

Well, which gifts from this list of the 20 best gift ideas for travelers would you gift the adventurer in your life?

Please share with us your thoughts in the comments below…



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  1. Joan says

    Great ideas, I love the suitcase and that tripod is great since I actually have the exact one for my videos and works perfectly for me.

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    My brother and cousin are frequent travelers, due to the nature of their jobs. So I think the best gifts for them from your list would be the neck pillow and the headphones. The toiletries bag look really cool too.

  3. BushraZ Blogs says

    Very nice list👍😇 It’s really difficult to think about giving gifts…I really get confused about giving gifts…thanks for the article…my friends birthday is there in the next month and she’s a Traveller so it’s a really great help to me..

  4. Kemi says

    Just send me a fully paid flight and hotel details, even if just flight and I can manage accommodation, and I’ll love you for ever lol. I might just get a hammock for myself for a beach vacay. Didn’t think of that.

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    Wow I love all of these stuffs for my travel goals especially the Fujifilm Instax Mini is my favorite. How I wish I have someone who give me this Instax max! HAHAHHA

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