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15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven’t Made Yet

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15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Tired of those basic tea recipes you’ve been making all year long? Looking to find some inspiration to get back to the kitchen and prepare delicious tea recipes good for your health and also, fit for summer or fall?

Is you Tea Board on Pinterest full of amazing tea recipes that you get confused about the kind of tea to make just when decide to make tea?

It’s time you ditched the worry and add these amazing tea recipes to your weekly lineup!

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Should Try Now!

1.Raspberry Iced Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Need the perfect iced tea for the hot summer months? You’ll love the iced raspberry tea. Good enough, the tea recipe uses cane sugar. For those watching their sugar intake, a natural zero calorie sweetener can easily be substituted! You can use blueberries or even lavender!

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2. Matcha Green Tea Lemonade

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Never heard of matcha before? It is high quality green tea leaves which have been ground into a fine powder.  Green tea in this form maximizes the beneficial healthful effects of green tea & it can be quite energizing.  So if you have a thirst to quench and need a bit of pep in your step, brew up a batch!

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3.  Cold Brewed Iced Earl Grey Latte

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

This amazing tea recipe includes amazing ingredients like the Duchess Earl Grey loose leaf black tea, almond milk, honey and maple syrup.

The Earl Grey Latte has quite a unique flavor with its black tea base and also, a flavor of oil from the bergamot orange. It is also ultra-energizing and refreshing, coming with tons of health benefits.

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4. Rose Milk Tea 

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Do you love infused recipes? Then you’ll love a good cup of tea with some rose petals in, right? Rose milk tea is a delicious combination of black tea infused with floral, aromatic rose syrup and a splash of warm milk. The tea is a perfect and comfort drink to warm up inside out in this cold weather!

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5. Hot Spiced Tea 

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Looking to make a tasty cup of tea that will warm your belly and fill your house with wonderful aroma as the tea simmers on your stove top on a cold day? Then try this tea recipe!

This spiced tea has the perfect balance of citrus, spice, and sweetness. From the comforting spices, the black tea base, and many other flavors, you’ll love it!

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6. Mulberry Iced Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Want to control everything that you add in your cup of tea? Then this mulberry tea recipe has to be your go-to!

This mulberry iced tea has just the right amount of fruity flavor without being overpowering and has the most gorgeous color from the fresh mulberry syrup.

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7. Dandelion Iced Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Need the perfect tea recipe for your spring or summer months? Then it’s time to stock up the fridge with homemade dandelion tea!

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8. Raspberry Sweet Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Another healthy sweet tea that you’ll appreciate when it gets all hot out there is the raspberry sweet tea. It’ll help you stay cool, fresh and glow in health all through the summer since it includes raw honey and organic raspberry leaves!

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9. Instant Pot Strawberry Iced Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

It’s official: in hot summer months, we make iced tea. I’ve already shared a couple of iced tea recipes and I wont stop!

This instant pot strawberry iced tea recipe makes such an insanely delicious cup. If you need to have fun drinking two layers of tea from your cup, here is the recipe for you!

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10. Decadent Milk Tea with Brown Sugar

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Milk tea will never get out of taste at all! It’s a timeless tea recipe that still continues to serve its purpose especially in the cold months of fall.

So if you’d want to make your tea supper creamy and sweet, this milk tea recipe is made special with half and half and brown sugar.

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11. Hibiscus Pomegranate Mulled Tea – West African Flavours

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Having guests around? The offer them something different with this hibiscus pomegranate mulled tea. Good enough, this hibiscus pomegranate mulled tea works for the whole family since it uses a caffeine free rooibos tea base.

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12. Honey Sweetened Ice Lemon Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Still baffled about the idea of sweet tea? Then it’s time you also tried this recipe! Since making iced tea at home s so simple, get some lemon slices, lemon juice, honey and some tea bags, and let’s make this delicious tea recipe!

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13. London Fog Drink (Earl Grey Latte)

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

More Earl Grey Latte for us! A perfect go-to breakfast option!

Need to prepare the London Starbuck’s Fog Latte at the comfort of your home? Here is the recipe for you! The citric notes in the bergamot and the sweet aftertaste of vanilla work like a charm in this simple hot drink ensuring you save a few bucks you’d have spent on Startbucks!

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14. Masala Chai Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

A cup of hot spiced tea is my go-to breakfast option in the cold months! This masala chai tea is made with homemade chai spices mix (full of healthy benefits) that ensures it’s also super aromatic!

Each spice brings a unique flavor to the chai making it one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

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15. Soothing Honey-Lemon Ginger Tea

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Try this soothing lemon ginger tea as a relief to all your winter woes – cold, cough and flu. The tea is detoxifying and has tons of health benefits too!

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15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

Pin These…

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet   15+ Yummy Tea Recipes You Haven't Made Yet

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Well, which of these fantastic recipes are you willing to get started with?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post featuring all the food bloggers who shared their tea recipes.



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  1. Robin says

    The rose milk and the matcha green tea are the two I’m going to try this week, love the sound of one, and anything matcha is ME. Bookmarked to try more later… great recipes.

  2. zina says

    even though I am fan of tea, I do not like it cold! But some of the recipes you share with us, looks amazing…so I will try them. Especially the one with the pomegranate!

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    All these tea recipes sound so delicious! I am particularly interested in the Cold Brewed Iced Earl Grey Latte. I saved the recipe and will make one soon!

  4. eli says

    I love trying different types of tea! This is a good mix and variety of teas I should try. I’ll definitely save this for later.

  5. Lavern Moore says

    I would love to try the dandelion iced tea since I’ve heard so many great things about the health benefits.

  6. Michael says

    I love teas! Well, from your list the milk tea catched my attention. milk tea industry has been great here in Asia.. How about there?

  7. Alexandra Cook says

    I love finding a new tea recipe to try. I’m always so scared I am going to mess it up somehow. This looks easy enough for me though. Thanks!

  8. maysz says

    I don’t drink tea but these drinks looks interesting and I would love to try these different versions of tea.

  9. Chuck says

    Dang! Does are really refreshing drinks. But matcha all the way! really nice photographs!

  10. Viano Dee says

    You are absolutely right. I haven’t made any of these tea recipes. Definitely worth trying. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  11. Chad says

    omg these are amazing!!! I can’t wait to make each and everyone one of these awesome tea recipes. Thank you so much.

  12. Lavern Moore says

    Wow, these seem like really delicious recipes to try for teas’; Simple, fast, and fun to make!

  13. Tiffany says

    That milk tea with brown sugar looks so delicious. Also I love the idea of raspberry sweet tea. There are so many on this list that I think I need to try in the coming weeks.

  14. Monica says

    These all look amazing! I’m so basic, I always have plain green or black tea and never thought about mixing it up!! I can’t wait to try these!

  15. Natonya says

    Decadent milk tea with brown sugar sounds like something I want to try for winter! I always enjoy hibiscus drinks on the summer, so I definitely wanna try making that before this season ends!! Thanks for sharing this amazing list sis, I’m really enjoying your food posts too🍴👌🏾💜

    Natonya |

  16. Subhashish Roy says

    I love tea and coffee both but enjoy the hot varieties. But your recipes are absolutely fantastic and I must try out some of these soon.

  17. pooja Malkani says

    You are so damn right! I have not made most of these but would love too. I am not a tea lady but my husband has tried all sorts of tea. He would simply love these recipes.

  18. Shar says

    I’m totally for natural , detox and healthy beverages! I mostly drink water every day and a cup of tea, avoiding soft drinks as much as possible.

  19. Jade Braham says

    Im obsessed with Green Tea so I really like the idea of changing it up a bit and trying the Matcha Green Tea Lemonade. I must admit I would never have thought to try that combination. I also like the sound of the Instant Pot Strawberry Iced Tea. In the hot weather, this sounds like the ideal fruity drink ! Thanks so much for sharing! There’s some great ideas I have to try out on here …

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