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Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

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Disclosure: This post features Lolario Style; All photos are courtesy of Lolario Style

Do you also love to layer clothes?

When cold months kick in, it is always time to say goodbye to the chiffon kimonos and get those knitted sweaters, woolen coats and chunky scarves.

However, many don’t love to layer clothes and prefer being indoors. At the same time, some fashionistas are actually rocking the streets with such perfect layers! And we can’t help admire the cool vibe, right?

Well, what is layering clothes?

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Layering clothes refers to wearing many garments, one on top of the other. Essentially, most people embrace layering in the cold seasons that they do in the warmer months. Two thin layers of clothes are normally enough when it is warm.

Talk about a kimono cover-up over your top, or a blazer over your dress! But when winter sets in, or too much rain in other parts of the world, then it’s time to fill the closet with heavier pieces in order to provide warmth and protection from the cold harsh weather.

Normally, layers are into three: the inner layer, middle layer and outer layer.

  • The inner layer basically takes up sweat on the skin leaving the pores quite open to breathe. This keeps the wearer comfortable. Normally, fabrics like wool and cotton are favorable when creating an inner layer outfit like a top, blouse, spaghetti top or vest since they take up moisture easily and dry out just as fast.
  • The middle layer provides warmth and essentially, loose-fitting clothing is preferred like sweaters, coats, blazers and jumpers.
  • The outer layer is majorly for protection against the external weather conditions like rain. Take an example of plastic rain coats.

In most cases, we find ourselves wearing up to the second layer which varies depending on the weather. Unfortunately, some women look drab in layers while others fear looking bigger in layers.

Hence, this ultimate guide on 10 simple ways to layer clothes an ultimate pro! We take a look at Lolario’s style, the street style fashionista!

10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

1. What Is Your Body Type?

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

While slim women could be afraid of being swallowed up by layered clothes, bigger women will be afraid of looking even larger in layers.

This just means that you should determine your body type before layering. This will help you layer clothes proportionately in order to feel confident. Thus, always try on your layers before purchasing them and if you feel comfortable in it, trust your instincts and get it.

2. Get fitting inner layers!

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

If you really want to look awesome in layers, then keep at least one staple in your look fitted. It can either be a top, dress or bottom. This gives you that additional balance by making your silhouette look more feminine.

Take an example of a well-fitting dress or a spaghetti top before throwing atop your middle layer! Such a balanced look, right?

3. Let’s Talk About Your Height!

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Depending on your height, you should go for the right type of layers that won’t swallow up your small frame. This is particularly important for shorter women.

Normally, I advise shorter women to wear high heels or wedged heels in order to elongate their frame. This ensures that as they walk with confidence, they still look super good! Taller women have the option for picking out high heels or flat shoes depending on their preference.

Sometimes, if you layer is longer, you might go for high heels just to make you look taller. For example: when wearing a long coat, high heels will offer such a good finish to your look.

4. Try some over-sized!

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

The over-sized trend is still trending and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon! This means that gorgeous ladies like you should consider buying an over-sized piece. Even if it is just a sweater or coat!

Over-sized layers can be so convenient especially if you also wore an over-sized inner layer like a top. Suppose you wore a knit sweater top, just an over-sized coat would leave you comfortable than a slim fit coat that can press you up and buckle you in! That might not be comfortable…trust me…

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5. Get those long coats.

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Blazers and waist coats are good but long coats are even better! Long coats are perfect for colder months and can easily be styled for a fashionable look!

Playing with the length of your layers makes it easy to pull it off with your favorite dresses, skits and even pants!

6. Play with texture.

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Want to know how to look best when you are to layer clothes? Then you’ve got to stay creative!

Play around with different textures of fabrics and layer them well in order to look polished. Talk about a knitted sweater and a long woolen coat! Or a cotton top and a leather blazer!

7. Play with colors and patterns

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Fashionistas don’t just bank on one black layer since they appreciate the beauty of several different layers. While everyone knows the importance of a black coat, it’s about time that we embraced more colors and patterns for our layers.

Minimalists will appreciate neutral colors like grey, black and camel which indeed, look so polished and instantly make you look expensive. So instead of just having that one black trench coat, get that over-sized camel coat and that grey checkered blazer too! You can even get an animal print scarf!

8. Belt it up.

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Belts are just as trendy as over-sized clothes so even if you had no plan of buying any new items for your wardrobe this season, better consider getting a belt. After all, aren’t belts such fine accessories? A good belt can hold your pants in position, cinch you waist or even your outfit! That way, your waistline is emphasized too.

9. Accessorize like you were born for it!

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Sprinkle all those accessories after you layer clothes! Talk about the Gucci belt, that Nordstorm bag, that Chris Loubotin stiletto and even those pretty pieces of jewelry!

You’ll love it but remember to wear accessories that blend well with the colors of your layers. And if you’re poor at picking out colors, then metallic and accessories of the same color family could also work!

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10. Rock your confidence!

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Dressing good alone does not guarantee that you will actually good. In fact, with how tricky layering clothes can get, you might end up looking all messy. Hence, you need that head held up high and that graceful walk. Girl, you got this!

To make the layers appealing, you have to layer clothes professionally. If you layer a lot of pieces at once, you might look weird and if you don’t layer at all, then that’s you.

But certainly, before you master the art of layering, you have to experiment with lengths, colors, textures, patterns, trends and structures wisely. While anyone can wear a coat over a sweater, many might rethink the idea of pulling off two coats at once, right?

Style Feature With Lolario Style: 10 Ways To Layer Clothes Like A Pro!

Image Source: @LolarioStyle

Anyway, do you also layer clothes? If so, please let us know how you do it in the comments below…




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  1. Tammy says

    Every single look here is so amazing! The colors and pieces go so well together – will be referring to this for inspiration for sure!

  2. Janay says

    Omg all these looks are so chic and I love them! Layering is perfect for winter months! I love all these looks.

  3. Liz says

    Wow! Not only but this is very informative post. I so like the combination especially the zanotti foot wear, I used to have one the last time we went to Tokyo.

  4. Ola @ WanderWithOla says

    What a wonderful list of tips! All the outfits look wonderful, and I would love to try putting the belt over my coat. Never tried that before but it surely looks stylish. Hope I would be able to pull it off! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Absolutely Samantha!
      You’ve got to always be prepared, especially in spring when you’re not sure if it’ll be raining the next second,right?

  5. Elena Toma says

    I am loving such a chic style. That animal print coat is so beautiful, I am really planning to buy one like that if i find any in my size .


    These are all super stylish looks. I do love layering it can great in the winter to keep warm. Oversized clothes and long coats can look great.

  7. Kemi says

    I love layering clothes and wearing my knee-high boots! That’s the only reason I love fall and winter. I love boots so much.

  8. Marjie Mare says

    Every single outfit looks super chic. I would definitely wear all of them and feel beautiful.

  9. Dominique Brooks says

    These looks are amazing! I love, love, love the black sweater dress with the gray coat and high-heeled black boots! I need that in my life! I really appreciate the info on layering. I am tall and thin but I have never been really good at layering. This really helps! Thanks!

  10. Sarah Meh says

    Nice suggestions! I am quite careful about layering because it could make me look larger. Here, I found some really useful tips for me depending on my height and body type.

  11. aisasami says

    Thanks for the fashion tips. I am not much of a fashionista but I enjoy learning how to layer clothes, especially in the winter.

  12. Ritu Sharma says

    She looks looks amazing. That dress with those layering jackets, shoes and handbag? Yes! Also now I really want to try layering clothes.

  13. Snehal says

    I basically m not good in layering cloths 🙈 i will try all your tips shared here to improve and rock like a pro 😀

  14. Khushboo says

    Wow loved the style. I never tried this layering look. I would love to try this winters.

  15. Komal says

    Layering is def an art! I always feel like I looks bulky because I am so short, but knowing your body type is key!

  16. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    Long coats look so fashionable! I would want to get a new one in beige or very light brown. Or maybe I should be dramatic and get one in burgandy! Thanks for your tips on how to layer clothes and look fab!

  17. LuciWest says

    Those are some great tips about layering. I just packed for a flight to North Carolina where temperature will change from the low 50s to the high 70s during my stay. So packing clothes that can be layered was key.

  18. Ana says

    These are some wonderful tips of layering up! Couldn’t agree more with putting accessories as it creates a signature style statement!

  19. Melanie williams says

    Regarding layering these are really super tips for sure. I love the idea of using oversized clothes to layer xx

  20. Sandra says

    great tips you have here! I’ve never tried layering so much with my clothes, but I feel like this will make me more confident. Thanks for this!

  21. Elizabeth O says

    Looking stunning with all the styles. I also love the tips that you have shared.

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