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10 Times Lucia Musau Looked Like A Bonafide Beauty Junkie

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Disclaimer: All photos are courtesy of Lucia Musau on Instagram

Lucia Musau, the Kenyan Fashionado needs no announcement since the Brand Ambassador for Moe’t & Chandon is a hugely celebrated fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger as well as a Luxury PR Consultant.

10 Times Lucia Musau Looked Like A Bonafide Beauty Junkie

Lucia Musau- The Kenyan Fashionado

Ever since I came across Lucia Musau’s blog back in 2014, I’ve been an avid reader of her blog and for a fact, her sense of style is just covetable! As a slim fashionista, finding inspiration from Lucia Musau was one of the best decisions I ever made while I was trying to embrace my slim figure. I mean, who doesn’t want to always look adorable?

Anyway, today I share 10 times Lucia Musau looked like a bonafide beauty junkie! I’m certain you’ll love her style as much as I do!Ride along…

10 Times Lucia Musau Looked Like A Bonafide Beauty Junkie

Lucia Musau- The Kenyan Fashionado

1.Lucia Musau rocking the power suit. 

The power suit, a sartorial symbol when it comes to men’s fashion is seriously making its way into women’s closet and Lucia Musau knows how to rock it best. Yet again, every decade has a power pairing that defines the mood in menswear and today’s version is the suit-and-sneakers paring!

Lucia Musau rocking the power suit and sneakers

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

Finishing a power suit with sneakers is a record-breaking trend at the moment and athleisure absolutely lays down the look for a smart casual vibe. This current comfort-forward vibe is just what Lucia Musau rocks perfectly!

2. Head wraps for the win! 

Lucia Musau winning the headwrap game

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

For the today’s fashionistas, the head wrap is not only a bad hair day accessory but also one to instantly elevate a look from drab to fab ASAP! Head wraps originated in West Africa and since they are life, they spread everywhere!

And when your head wrap is in blush pink as Lucia’s, you just have to wear it to a Moe’t & Chandon event!

Lucia Musau winning the headwrap game

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

3. Powerful in stilettos.

“Give a woman the perfect shoe and watch her trample the world!” Well lovelies, there is no better way of describing Lucia Musau in stilettos. The glamour her shoes add to any look is just incomparable.

Lucia Musau in powerful Stilletos

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

In this look, she wears stilettos to finish her look in a pair of shorts and a blazer to instantly transform it to formal. Very gorgeous, right?

4. Outerwear game too strong. 

One thing I’ve noted from street style fashionistas is that their outerwear game is too powerful! You saw Macy Stucke’s layers and they were perfect! Again, Lucia Musau’s is no exception.

Layering is a perfect trick to achieving a well put-together look. The key to perfect layering is to balance proportions, textures and silhouettes.

Here, Lucia Musau perfects the anatomy of the perfectly layered look by using a camel coat and a burgundy dress combo that looks just this perfect. Do you love it like I do?

Lucia Musau in a gorgeous coat

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

5. Beach vibes only!

And who said that only bikinis can be taken to the beach? ‘Cause for this beauty-on-the-go, bralettes and booty shorts look even better! Like it or not, shorts are very essential beach items and when paired with bralettes, the look is absolutely stylish!

Lucia Musau rocking beach staples

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

To finish off, sun hats are the best accessory while slides are the perfect shoe for the beach!

6. Crop top fun!

Since crop tops stormed the fashion scene, they have been gaining even more popularity as time goes by. Many can be hesitant about wearing the 90s trend but this particular fashion reboot is as charming, youthful , classic and not only for the young girls!

Lucia Musau in a cute pencil skirt

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

While I have a couple of them, Lucia has even more! She rocks a plaid crop top on a cute pencil skirt before carrying a bold handbag to finish off the look! Very admirable you bet!

And if you still have a problem shopping for pencil skirts the right way, then read through here:

How Petite Fashionistas Should Shop For Pencil Skirts

7. Chic in dresses

A superwoman will never miss a dress in her closet; not only the Little Black Dress and the cape dress but also the strapless bodycon dress. It is no doubt such a sexy piece thus should be worn with a ton of confidence. And the way Lucia Musau walks in heels perfectly describes the level of confidence and elegance she carries around.

Lucia Musau in a cute dress

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

I’m in love with how she color blocks over here; the stripped dress, bold accessories and neutral heels are just blending perfectly.

8. High-waisted fun.

High waisted jeans are just a total wardrobe staple and no one can afford to lack this! Now, they come in a myriad shapes, sizes and colors so you have no reason to miss them.

Lucia Musau in denim jeans

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

Crop tops really work well with high-waisted jeans. Just why Lucia Musau rocks her blue jeans with her cute crop top for a chic look. I’m so in love with this look, what about you?

9. Rocking jumpsuits.

When you run a serious brand like Lucia Musau, looking powerful should be just an easy thing to do! Just keep it one color, keep it fitting and keep it ladylike. If you always have worries about mixing and matching, then you’ll need a jumpsuit.

Lucia Musau in a gorgeous jumpsuit

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

But since Lucia is a fashion guru, she radiates confidence while walking in this jumpsuit while atop of it is a fiery red blazer! The look is edgy, chic and polished, right?

10. Romper love. 

Warmer weather call for injection of more rompers to our closets. They are very chic and when in floral, they look even better.

Lucia Musau in a beautiful pair of romper shorts

Image Source: Lucia Musau on Instagram

I’m crushing for Lucia Musau’s black-and-white floral romper like crazy! And how she pairs the look with contrasting colors is even better! Pink high heels and a yellow clutch add a bit of color pop and drama to this whole look.

Well lovelies, I’m certain you agree with me that Lucia Musau totally killed the street vibes! No wonder she has been my style icon for a long time now…

10 Times Lucia Musau Looked Like A Bonafide Beauty Junkie

Loving her looks? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below…


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  1. It is clear to see why you are such a big fan of her style she is effortlessly gorgeous. My favourites have to be that beautiful pink headwrap and the jumpsuit with the pop of red!

  2. she is incredibly beautiful with her stunning features and designed attires. I love the confidence and she is truly iconic

  3. It’s so nice to see young women being an inspiration to others! Fashion is one way to empower yourself and gain confidence and she definitely has those! Love her style!

  4. So pretty! I love the pink look, and I wish I could rock lip colors like that. So fun – and great textures in the outfits, too. 🙂

  5. Lucia does look gorgeous! It’s hard to even pick a favorite look from all these stunning photos. It’s been refreshing reading about her, and her style

    • Haha…So you also find it hard to pick a favourite style from all these looks? That’s just me now! She’s as gorgeous and I’m glad you loved her too.

  6. It’s the first time I’ve seen or heard about Lucia Musau. She’s very pretty and I love the photo of her wearing the strapless stripy dress. Amazing figure!

  7. Now I am clear about the article. But if you ask me, it is difficult to choose the favorite among these. But If I say, that I like Beach Vibes and Romper Love as they look stunning in my honest opinion. Romper Love give me Michael Jackson vibes. So among all these I liked Romper Love the most.

    • Ikr😊
      Lucia just slays and to agree with you, I’m in love with her romper and the whole pairing. Looks pretty lol…although I can’t remember Michael Jackson’s vibes girl!😊

  8. This lady looks stunning in everything! I can’t say that I would wear most of those clothes, but she looks very good in them. These clothes don’t fit my body style very well.

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