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10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

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10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

These days, it is becoming increasingly trending to travel to Morocco.
Morocco has a lot to offer in terms of Tourist areas, from mountains and snow to green forests to hot deserts.

But because of time and the hammer of life, some people may decide to spend only one day in Morocco. So if you want the maximum benefit from your one day visit to Morocco, you have come to right place.

Remember; Be Strategic About Your Trip!

If you want the maximum benefit from your one day visit to Morocco, you will want to be in Marrakech first. Just beneath the high mountain range of the Atlas Mountains is the red city known as Marrakech.

With a culture that is so pure, free and vibrant, you’ll be bound by its magic spell with the warmth of its people, colorful tradition and inspiring history.

Your trip should start from Marrakech because it is in the middle of Morocco, and because it is close to a lot of destinations, like the Atlas Mountains, Ourika and the Desert, and to make the most out of your trip to Morocco, here are the 10 things to do in Morocco in one day.

10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day


1. Visit Djemaa el Fna

It is the heart of the old city, this large space is teeming with so many suprises and spectacles. Open your eyes to the activities, like performances and juggling acts.

You don’t even have to have fears about losing your path back to your place of staying, plus as overwhelmingly large as it can be, the space offers a escape to other locations around the city.

2. Shop and Explore

10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

Popular market stands also known as “souks” offer the best treat for bargain shopping.
The bazaar is usually filled with beautiful things like leather sets, wooden pieces, baskets and metal works. Some of these things, you’ll only find in Morocco.

Also, be aware not to end your visit to the souk without a piece of jewelry, belt, carpet, or any form of clothing that you can find in the souk.

3. Visit a Riad

10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

During your trip, it is highly recommended to stay in a riad. Your travel experience will not be the same without staying in a Riad.

Stay in a five-star hotel if you want, but these are residential facilities that top any five-star hotel in modern cities, with overlooking views of the fountain, luxurious rooms, exquisite decorations, and rooftop terraces, riads are one of the best places to stay in during your trip.

4. Visit Museums

The museums of Marrakech are not just mortar and brick structures, the museums of
Marrakech are also adorned with verdant gardens.

In Marrakech, you can find fabrics, paintings, mosaic, age-old ceramics and pieces of jewelry.
Its museums contain prestigious artifacts that date back to more than a 1000 years. Contemporary arts, traditional clothing and Manuscripts are among the well-preserved collection.


5. Visit Toubkal

The city of Marrakech lies near the snow-capped Atlas Mountains only an hour away, and excursions near Marrakech are adventurous, Toubkal (4165m) is the highest summit in the North of Africa and the ascent of Toubkal remains by far the most appreciated.

6. Visit The Valley of Ourika

That is one of the benefits of being strategic, see, instead of going back to Marrakech and then searching for Marrakech desert tours and then spend a day or so traveling to desert, you can hit two birds with one stone and visit Toubkal and the valley of Ourika at the same time.

7. Enjoy the Food

10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

Enjoy the Moroccan food, eat delicious, slow-cooked tajines of lamb and Moroccan bread.
Drink the Moroccan mint tea is customary. Eat couscous, be a part of a typical Moroccan day.

8. Open Air Restaurants

10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

Speaking of food, visiting the open-air restaurants of Jemaa el Fna is a must, open-air
restaurants open at night, so be ready!

9. Balloon Flight 


The balloon is a good way to discover the beautiful scenery of Moroccan south regions, and hot air balloons in Marrakech in the early morning hours offer the best light for enjoying the view.

10. Night Walk

It is a good way to end your day trip to Morocco: spend tow hours in the streets of
Marrakech, enjoy the orange lights of the city at night.

10 Things To Do In Morocco In One Day

Final Thoughts

Come and see what this beautiful country has to offer, from amazing sunsets that display a kaleidoscope of colors to adventurous expeditions and cultural exchanges. endless desert sands to the From the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, Experience Morocco, a country of genuine hospitality.

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10 Things to do in Morocco in one day

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  1. Cris F. says

    Oh my goodness! So much to do. I know I would definitely need at least 3 days just to be able to enjoy all these activities rather than rush from one to another!

  2. Cristina Petrini says

    I really like reading the travel advice of a day, because it happens to have only one available and therefore you need to know where to go targeted to see the most interesting things!

  3. Kristen Frolich says

    I would probably love the museums and the balloon rides. I think that seeing this beautiful city from above is probably breathtaking. I’m sure it is an experience that I would never forget.

  4. Waren Jean Go says

    It is my dream to visit Morocco but I still don’t know what year I am going there. This list will definitely come in handy once I’ve decided.

  5. Rosey says

    The balloon flights are so wonderful to watch. I’m not sure I”d fly anymore, but I’d sure love to spectate.

  6. Lets Flip A Home says

    Wow, Morocco is definitely a place I would love to visit, and it is on my bucket list for sure. I definitely like the idea of a balloon ride, as I think that is an experience as well as being able to see the destination from a different perspective. It sounds like a great way to get the most out of a trip for one day. Thanks you for sharing.

  7. Becca Wilson says

    This looks like it would be such an amazing experience. I definitely want to be able to travel more when my kids get older.

  8. Jennifer Prince says

    Ah! The shopping looks so fun, and it looks like they have great things to bring back. So fun!

  9. Peachy says

    I haven’t been to Morocco but it’s one of the places I want to visit. I’d like to go to these places and buy one of those colorful tagines

  10. Gena says

    Morocco has always been on my bucket list! love the fact that you found so many amazing things together and put them on a way that a day in Morocco feels like an adventure

  11. Pam says

    Morroco sounds like such an amazing place! Would love to go someday, but I will need more than a day! Love all these different things you could do there. Thanks for sharing!

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