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10 stylish stores with the best discounts

*This post contains affiliate links. Thus, if you purchase any products or services using the links, I get compensation at no extra cost to you.

I guess it’s safe to say I was always a deal shopper. When I got my first job at KFC in high school, my first check was spent buying Guess logo T shirts at Macy’s from the sale rack! 15 years later, here I am, the “fashion coupon queen” writing a fashion blog & sending out the best fashion coupons each week through The Savvy Shopping List.

As an expert at budget fashion, if there’s one thing I know it’s how to shop & save money at the same time. Each week my job is to peruse through fashion sales & coupons & as a result, I’ve learned the stores that have the most sales, give the steepest discounts & most generous coupons that keep their customers happy. In order to pass on these money saving secrets to all the style lovers out there, I’ve combined a list of 10 stylish stores with the best discounts.

Take a look at the list below.

10 stylish stores with the best discounts

1.Old Navy

We all know about the infamous $1 flip flop days; and even if you don’t wear flip flops the sale is so good it makes you contemplate if need an extra pair to do ANYTHING in. Old Navy is known for great sales, sometimes with coupon codes or sometimes on their clearance rack. I’ve found boots for $5 and dresses for $8.99; online and when shopping in the actual store through the sale section. Old Navy has made a name for themselves when it comes to classic clothing with a small price tag.


Buy One Get One deals were made popular in retail from Payless, but Francescas has taken over with this sales tactic. Not only is this a great way to save money & get more clothes but the deals at Fracescas often include more than clothes. Shoes and accessories are often included in the deal so the whole store becomes a buy one get one deal which is perfect for updating your entire wardrobe.

10 stylish stores with the best discounts

3.Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a trendy online store that has all the “in” styles for millennial women (think Forever 21 with a classic twist). The thing I love about this store is that there’s rarely a day that they aren’t offering coupon codes. Each week they rotate percentage off & BOGO codes, so you won’t have to wait to get a good deal.


Eloquii is one of the newer plus size stores that have the absolute cutest styles. Not only are their clothes trendy & versatile, but their sales are amazing. Sometimes the prices can be a bit much BUT when you add in the constant sales like 70, 50 & 40% off, the prices are amazing for what you get in return.

10 stylish stores with the best discounts

5.Eddie Bauer

If comfortable active wear is your style, Eddie Bauer is the perfect place for you to catch a deal. Each week when I put together The Savvy Shopping List Eddie Bauer never fails to have a killer sale. This is definitely a store to watch if you enjoy comfortable style at a discount price.

6.Miss Lola

Shoes, Shoes & more shoes. Miss Lola is an online boutique that sells trendy shoes from heels, to flats and everything in between. Their endless inventory is impressive and so are their prices. Also, they often throw in a surprise sale that makes your shoe shopping even more enjoyable.

7.J Crew Factory

We all know about J Crew, but have you ever shopped at J Crew Factory online? Their inventory is normally up to 80% off the items from the J Crew store; and then to add onto the savings they are constantly running major sales. If you love the classic, preppy look this hidden gem & often forgotten store will be your new favorite.

10 stylish stores with the best discounts

8.La Senza

Victoria’s Secret has been a popular favorite for women since the 90’s. We all love their undergarments, but for those of us who don’t like spending $40 on a bra, their sister brand La Senza is here to save the day (& our wallets). La Senza is Victoria’s Secret’s edgy younger sister store, and they often have similar deals but with a deeper discount.


I’ve always loved Target! Even though it’s known for home goods, beauty products and food, the clothing at Target is not to be overlooked! The collaborations Target has done with designers such as Who What Wear, Mossimo & Jason Wu are just a testament that this retailer is serious about it’s fashion game. Not only are the clothes super stylish, they are also budget friendly. The best items that Target offers at slashed prices are basics. T shirts, cardigans and cami tank tops are always on sale at Target sometimes as low as $5.


When it comes to having multiple sales at the same time, NY&CO wins every time. They often run deals on pants, dresses, specific collections and have a coupon code you can use on top of that. Pick a day of the week to shop, and there’s a good chance whatever your shopping for has a sale or coupon attached to it in NY& CO.

Now that you know all the stores that save you money, make sure you check out The Savvy Shopping List to get all the best fashion sales & coupon codes sent to your email each week. My obsessive sale stalking skills will help you start to shop and save at the same time!

10 stylish stores with the best discounts

Happy Shopping!

Monica Warren.


Monica Warren is a budget friendly fashion blogger at Jewel With Style & creator of the new fashion coupon club the Savvy Shopping List . She has been blogging for 5 years and sends out fashion sales & coupon codes to women all across the world each week. She has been featured in In Style magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily & assisted with Fashion Week and refined her style skills to help women on a budget save money & stay stylish at the same time.




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  1. I love Old Navy and La Senza! They’re both reasonably priced especially when you shop during their sales. Some of the items are steals!

  2. I absolutely love NY and Company. Too bad their retail stores closed down. Their online selection keeps getting better!

  3. I’ve always been a fan of the deals at Old Navy for staples like t-shirts and pj pants. And the J. Crew Factory prices can’t be beat! I’ve always loved shopping the J. Crew outlets, so it is so nice that they have an online version available to shop!

  4. I totally agree with Monica about Target and Francesca’s. I LOVE francesca’s and they have some amazing home finds as well. Target is always my go-to for basic fashion finds, but they do have so many more brands now that I’ve been shopping there for more and more.

    May from

  5. My wife is a fan of a few of these brands. She especially likes Ny and Co. Im sure she would love reading this more. Forwarding this to her. Thanks!

  6. We dont have all the brands you listed here but brands such as La Senza and Old Navy are very famous and high end brand over here in Asia. Target would be my choice when I visited US as I find it is a lot cheaper. Lol.

  7. I do shop at Target once in awhile, but generally only for t-shirts and tanks because they have such good deals. I’ve found most of these stores don’t fit my body style well. I tend to shop at places like Ross more often because their clothes are such a good bargain.

    • Good deals are also what drive me to shopping at some stores and I’m glad we agree on that… And it’s also great that you know where to shop for your body Tawnya.

  8. I love this post! I am always looking to buy the latest trends for discounts – I will absolutely be coming back to this post to refer to it.

  9. I haven’t been to Eddie Bauer since we moved down south. I used to go all the time when we lived up north!! I miss it. 🙂

  10. I love wearing stylish and fashionable clothes … and if I can do that with a discount, it’s even better! I live in Poland, so we don’t have most of these shops here, but besides buying things in stores I’ve got my favourite markets where I buy pretty the same clothes just without proper labels. 🙂

  11. New York and Company is one of my favorite places indeed to shop. I usually miss Old Navy sales, but I agree they have some of the best sales throughout the entire year.

  12. You have quite the collection of awesome sales for Labor Day. I will also be doing some much needed money saving shopping tomorrow. Gotta love a sale. Time to stock up. 😊

  13. I love Old Navy and Pretty Little Thing! Their pieces are very easy to wear and you can definitely mix and match! Would love to visit the other stores as well!

  14. Dream of every girl to know about which store selling her favorite products on discount rates. I love shoes so I really want to visit Miss LOLA. Thanks for sharing this information.

  15. With 3 daughters above 12, a discount goes so far. Thank you for this and I am sure my hubby will thank you even more.

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