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10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

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Disclaimer: All the photos are courtesy of Lost LeBlanc on Instagram.

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

The stories and experiences LeBlanc shares literally stir up my inspiration to travel the world. I admire his amazing creativity, talent and sense of adventure.Talk about the flashy Instagram feed and terrific YouTube videos full of blue waters, luxurious spots and breathtaking sights from all around the world that what you see when you come across the tag ‘Lost LeBlanc’!

A life on the road documented in awesome travel guides became his life. Leaving that desk job and appreciating the beauty that life has to offer was his doorway! Call him Christian LeBlanc, popularly known as Lost LeBlanc!

Well, here are 10 reasons why Lost LeBlanc will influence you to ‘get out and travel’:

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

1.Blue water inspiration

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

Due to its picture-perfect blue waters and breathtaking surrounding scenery, Bali, Indonesia has become a popular honeymoon destination!

Lost LeBlanc, thanks to his Bali travel guide, will break it down for you when it comes to visiting the beautiful island and see as much blue waters; In fact, you’ll also get addicted to the waters!

How he perfectly films the sea waters and shares very nice shots would inspire you to start preparing for your honeymoon to Bali right away! Or even so, a second honeymoon if you already had your first!

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2. By the palm tree!

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

Palm tree swing at the Dedon Island Resort in Siargao beach? Well,like Lost LeBlanc, I’m in!

Palm tree swings became such travel hotspots and every traveller never missed a shot. Talk about the Sri Lanka’s most Instagrammed palm tree at Dream Cabana on Dalawella Beach and you’ll be driving all the way to get the rope swing shot!

The palm tree spot is such an awesome spot for a fun afternoon or a sunset and such a chill place to hang out especially when you intend to get an Instagrammable travel shot, right? Especially when you can lay inside and read the latest book, that’s just so relaxing!

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3. A view of the Northern Lights

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

Imagine spending a night inside a tipi under the green and purple lights of Aurora Borealis like Lost LeBlanc? I would take the best travel shot!

The Northern Lights are just one of Mother Nature’s most majestic artistry! For years, the neon glow of the aurora has captured the curiosity of many who have managed to catch the Northern Lights.

So if want to get such a view too, start planning your visit to Alaska in the USA, Northern Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden or Greenland! It is advised that the best times to see the Aurora is during cold, dark nights with clear skies since the highest odds are during winter when the nights are longer, colder and clearer.

Also, in order to get a good view, leave the cities and seek out dark skies.

4. It’s okay to be on a bike

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

If you had 12 hours in Paris, then don’t fail to get a Vespa ride. LeBlanc says, “ Is it even a Euro trip without a Vespa?”

And even in Lombok, “nothing can beat the smells, sights and feelings of being on a bike!”

One of the best vacation moments are made on road trips especially when you booked your accommodation in a scenic area. That’s where you’d want to explore the whole place, traverse the trails, ride away from the cars, stop at beautiful stop overs to eat some street food and let the air blow away your worries! On just a bike!

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5. An afternoon tea in the trees

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

Each year, lots of travellers pack their bags and head off in search of adventure, relaxation and exploration. So if you’re looking for a very calm place that is away from the busy cities, then a traditional lodging is just perfect! Talk about tree houses too!

The simplicity of tree houses can be breathtakingly beautiful! And the scenic landscape can just be mind blowing! I would love an afternoon tea by the trees at Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood  in Thailand just like Lost LeBlanc, what about you?

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6. The Enchanting Beauty of Waterfalls!

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

Waterfalls have such impressive power! How they shimmer and fall, breaking boulders of rocks beneath and crashing into thousands of water sprays! This can be very therapeutic!

Listening to the roar of crashing waters, chirping of birds, croaking of frogs and even that cold fresh air…I would love to unwind at a waterfall spot in Lombok too like LeBlanc!

7. Some drone shots

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

On his Instagram feed, Lost LeBlanc says that this drone shot was taken right at the start of his travel journey. This was after quitting his desk job and went to explore the Philippines. He makes mention that if you work hard and set your goals higher, then you can achieve!

This word is so encouraging and if I should speak to travellers, we all want to get to that point where we can travel the world like no man’s business and also have serious equipment to capture our moments. Talk about the drones, a couple of DSLR and much more!

Well, Lost LeBlanc started out as an amateur backpacker and right now, he can explore all the luxurious corners of the earth. The beauty of your dreams! You can too! Just work hard to reach your higher goals!

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8. Beautiful sunsets!

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

“If the sun sets and nobody takes a picture, did the sun really set?”

-Christian LeBlanc

Sunsets offer such scenic and romantic views and Lost LeBlanc just knows how to enjoy them. If he had dinner at The District Boracay in Malay, a beautiful sunset spot, then we are all packing for the destination! I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a proposal over there?

Apparently, allowing yourself to be captivated by a sunset can enhance your satisfaction about life. The beauty of nature is so powerful since it instinctual beauty that stirs up the highest levels of gratitude and spiritual outlook.

9. Let’s Get Lost!

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

“Go on without me and I’ll be fine! Let me just get lost over here!”

If you are a traveller, you should just strive to make such a statement or else, keep on exploring! I mean, some places are just too beautiful that you have to lay back and acknowledge the splendor of Mother Nature, right? Just think about the clear waters at Ticao Island!

So go on, explore the world and get lost! If Lost LeBlanc could, then that is just the perfect inspiration to make you get lost!

10. Come, Travel the World!

10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Image Source: @LostLeBlanc

As a very influential travel vlogger, Lost LeBlanc has managed to tour very beautiful places in the world and he documents these moments in his YouTube channel and even travel guides in a very relatable way. That way, everyone who wants to visit such a place knows what to expect from such a trip.

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10 Reasons Why Lost LeBlanc Will Inspire You To Travel

Honestly, Lost LeBlanc inspires me to travel the world to its deepest! What about you? Do you love travelling? If so, where would you want to just get lost at?




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  1. Blue waters and palm trees always get me so yes I already want to travel even more this year. Already had a short break but I have another in August so can’t wait.

  2. OMG I am totally sold. I mean, I don’t really need inspiration to travel because I always want to travel, but hot damn, now I am TOTALLY craving travel, not just partly.

  3. I didn’t see this guy’s Instagram until now but I agree, he has some really dreamy photos from all around the world. Very inspiring if you want to travel on his footsteps.

  4. Wow! These photos are just breathtaking. They have definitely encouraged me to explore more … and there are just a few months till summer holidays! 🙂

  5. It would inspire me too! That looks like an absolutely beautiful place with much natural inspiration! I would love to just sit by the water!

  6. Oh yes, I love traveling. It has this different kind of self-fulfillment and positivity. If I were to choose I would love to go to Prague.

  7. Interesting travel spots. I am waiting to watch Northern Lights. Afternoon tea in the trees is another thing yet to experience.

  8. Amazing! I will totally agree to you – Truly inspiring and with all these photos… As if I wanna book now! Great share!

  9. I wish I could travel as I wish, But money and family is not letting me. His photos are amazing, really inspire us to travel more.

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