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10 Reasons Why Having a Morning Routine is a Must

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A morning routine helps us wake up and start our day.

It is important to have a full proof one otherwise we might end up oversleeping or having a less than productive day.

Now, each person has their own little ritual when it comes to this particular time of the day, but the fact is that we cannot ignore the overall importance of a great morning routine, and this article is here to show you just why you should have one.

10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Morning Routine

1.Time for ourselves

There are a lot of people who work long hours and who work hard, with little or no time during the day for hobbies or pastimes.

Having a morning routine for all of us who live like this does not only mean doing something we often don’t have time for, but also just spending time with our own thoughts and having a discussion with our inner selves.

It is the so called ‘me’ time  that we need to cherish above all else.

2. Practicality

10 Reasons Why Having a Morning Routine is a Must

It is not all about spirituality, there is a practical side to it as well.

A morning routine helps us take a calm and realistic look at the day ahead since we’ve started the day with something that makes us feel fresh, relaxed and ready for all those things that await us, but about which we might not always be  thrilled about.

3. Drinking your morning coffee in peace

Most of us cannot imagine starting our day without a great cup of Joe.

This tasty hot beverage is an ideal way to start our day and give our brain that much needed wake up call.

So it is definitely important to spare no expense when it comes to top quality coffee.

For example, you can invest in an espresso machine that can provide you with a great tasting cup of coffee every morning, making your routine a lot more pleasing.

4. Less stress

10 Reasons Why Having a Morning Routine is a Must

It reduces the amount of stress that we face in our everyday life.

Waking up a bit earlier in the morning gives us just enough time to slow down without being pressured to rush around while we struggle to meet various deadlines.

5. Ready to carry the heavy load

Our morning routine can also affect our posture and attitude towards others, especially if we include some exercise, yoga or meditation in it as well.

That way, we will be better prepared to face the daily challenges and any burdens they may impose on us.

6. Self-discipline

10 Reasons Why Having a Morning Routine is a Must

Creating a morning routine is essential when it comes to self-discipline, because it teaches us how to prioritize and stick to things that are really important.

We can learn what makes us feel fresh and positive and when we do it often enough, it becomes an inseparable part of our personality.

7. Time management

The existence of a morning routine is vital for our daily functioning since it teaches us the greatest wisdom of the modern time – time management.

We get to see how to be productive and efficient in our daily tasks by limiting the time we spend on activities which don’t fulfil us to the same extent as those we enjoy and we start doing as soon as we open our eyes.

8. Strengthening the character

10 Reasons Why Having a Morning Routine is a Must

Each morning is a new chance for both pleasant and not so pleasant things to happen.

Therefore, a morning routine helps us become aware of who we are and what we can achieve.

This strengthens our personality and character so that all those deadlines and angry facial expressions we may see in our offices do not seem so terrifying and unable to overcome.

9. Mental floss

Sometimes, we struggle maintaining our responsibilities because of the imbalance in our emotional state resulting to poor mental health. Here’s where you’ll need to talk to a therapist.

There’s nothing as important as our mental health, and having a morning routine is essential to maintaining it.

Waking up and knowing that what is about to happen is your own way of starting the day and enjoying the activity you like is a kind of a mental floss that does not only gets us ready for that day, but also for all our days ahead.

10. Making the day meaningful

Whatever your morning routine maybe, you should be aware that it’s personal and it tells you something important about yourself.

Even if you start your day by simply having a shower or brushing your teeth, it means that you have already created the routine which makes the rest of your day meaningful.

It also means that you are willing to face other people and make your interaction with them purposeful and worthwhile.

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10 Reasons Why Having a Morning Routine is a Must

So let’s end this article with a great quote – “When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee” and have a morning routine to match it.


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  1. Kippi says

    Great advice! From the cup of joe to mental floss. It is hard to think about all the things I have to do so just maybe having a cup of coffee and not thinking about the day but just being in the moment will be my change.

  2. Jessi Joachim says

    I have to have a morning routine or else I feel so “off” the rest of the day. I like to get up early and have my coffee while everyone is still asleep and get a few things done so I can get ready at my own pace and not rush.

  3. Joan says

    I love routines and there’s nothing better than the first peaceful minutes I get with my coffee and just me before all hell breaks loose.

  4. Amber Myers says

    I do try to have a routine in the morning because I’ll be honest, I am NOT a morning person. I hate to be up early, but I am, because I need to get the gets off to school. We have somewhat of a routine.

  5. Vaibhav Mehta says

    I realised that was my weakness…getting up early. When I did it, I realised I completed so many tasks in half the day that I had the remaining day to do so much more!

  6. Cris says

    Having a morning routine is so important! I do have one, and sometimes just life happens. If my morning routine is gone, my whole day is upside down.

  7. Sarah Meh says

    It’s a very informative post. The morning routine is quite important for your whole day. I even myself can’t see to start my day happily without hot beverage 🙂

  8. TessaG says

    I totally agree. I’m a WAHM and blogger, and if I didn’t have a morning routine I think my life would fall apart! I get most of my work done in the morning so I have free time later in the day for the unexpected things I have to do!

  9. Joanna says

    I can never start my day before having coffee, usually in bed. I like to drink my coffee whilst reading the news before I properly wake up.

  10. Devyani Ray says

    My morning routine includes running behind my 4 y ear old to get him dressed for school!

  11. Laurie Gannon says

    I really enjoy my morning rituals. The extra time for myself in the morning before kicking off a long work day. It definitely puts me in a better frame of mind. And I can’t imagine doing it without a cup of coffee. Actually…without coffee, I have a tendency to forget deodorant under one arm. TMI (and truth).

  12. Anna says

    I think having a morning routine is a must, it does help us a lot start our day. A cup of coffee is one thing for sure for me. I feel like I cannot function without it. Great post here, thank you for sharing.

  13. Bee says

    I’ve tried setting up my morning routine a few times but it gets eaten up by my toddler:)
    He’s soon joining the kindergarten so your post came at the right time for me.

  14. Sundeep says

    This is so inspiring. You have done some great work. Yes daily (morning) routine is essential for productivity and success.

  15. Melissa Bradbury says

    I do feel that it is important to have a morning routine as it helps you to be organised. I also like to have that coffee in peace before the rest of the house gets up.

  16. chichi says

    I don’t have much of a morning routine because i usually get up late, something i want to change asap because of all the reasons you listed!

  17. Faneshia says

    I love this list. I use most of these for my morning routine except I drink tea instead of coffee. It took me a while to make it my own so having something to read this like this I can always find ways to tweak mine.

  18. Anosa Malanga says

    I must say, I have something like this. I list all things to be done during the night so I know what I need to do the next day. Definitely a great reminder to have a morning routine as well.

  19. David Elliott says

    Having a morning routine does have such beneficial results. You need to go out of your way to plan so that the rest of your day you can do the things you want.

  20. Kiwi says

    I will not lie I am not a morning person at all. I need a better morning routine the coffee for me isnt it but maybe juicing fresh juice in the morning will help.

  21. Blair villanueva says

    Having a morning routine helps us to be consistent, gain motivation and good energy to start the day. And can manage time well.

  22. stacey says

    I totally agree. My morning routines is to make the bed, meditate and yoga, a cup of coffee and then I write because thats when I feel the most creative.

  23. Priyanka says

    I totally agree with it. A morning routine is a tried and tested formula for me that helps me to manage my time well and be stress free.

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